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1943 (Samvat 1999)

The devotees organized a parayan in the large premises of Kashi Vishwanath Mandir in Ahmedabad.
Shastri Narayanswarupdasji discoursed in the morning session and Shastriji Maharaj discoursed in the evening. Babubhai had also organized a group of youths along with Rasikbhai to sing bhajans prior to the parayan.

1948 (Samvat 2004)

The festival of Makar Sankranti was celebrated on 14 January in Ahmedabad with gusto and Shastriji Maharaj went to every house in Ambli Vali Pol to ask for alms.

9-10 February 1948

On 9 February, Shastriji Maharaj arrived from Sarangpur at the Ellis Bridge railway station in Ahmedabad at 10.30 p.m. The devotees offered garlands and prostrated before him at the Ambli Vali Pol gate. Then, they went to the hari mandir. After doing sabha and cheshta, Shastriji Maharaj took a bath and went to bed at 2.30 a.m.
The next day, on 10 February 1948, Shastriji Maharaj went to inspect the site for a shikharbaddha mandir at Shahibaug. He saw the bungalow and instructed the devotees to purchase it.
Thereafter, Shastriji Maharaj went to Narayan Ghat and sprinkled the holy water of River Sabarmati on his head and asked the devotees to do the same. From here, he returned to Ambli Vali Pol.

February, 1948 (Samvat 2004)

After celebrating the Vasant Panchami festival in Atladara, Shastriji Maharaj,  Nirgundas Swami, Yogiji Maharaj, Narayanswarupdas Swami and others travelled to Nenpur to participate in a parayan held to mark the murti-pratishtha of the newly built hari mandir. The parayan on the Satsangijivan shastra was organized by Manibhai, Dahyabhai and Narayanbhai of Nenpur. Shri Maganbhai and Harmanbhai of Africa had also come to attend the parayan.

1948: Shastriji Maharaj Suffers a Heart Attack

During the parayan in Nenpur, Shastriji Maharaj had a heart attack. Thus, he was immediately taken to Ahmedabad. There, Champakbhai Banker brought a well-known physician, Dr Mankad, to examine Swamishri. After examining his pulse and heart he confirmed that Swamiji had suffered a heart attack, and his condition is serious.
When the devotees from Nenpur reached Ambli Vali Pol, Shastriji Maharaj was brushing his teeth and looked quite normal. He took his bath and did puja. Then, he instructed Harmanbhai to go to Nenpur and come back only after the parayan was over.
After the parayan was over in Nenpur, Yogiji Maharaj performed the murti-pratishtha and left with the other sadhus to Ambli Vali Pol. On seeing Shastriji Maharaj’s ailing condition, the young Narayanswarupdas Swami broke into tears. Yet, Shastriji Maharaj spoke for quite some time to all, as if he had no heart ailment.

5 to 17 August 1948

During this time, Champaklal Banker and Vinayakrao Trivedi had organized a parayan at the newly purchased bungalow on Shahibaug Road in Ahmedabad. Shastriji Maharaj used to come by car from Ambli Vali Pol to attend it twice a day, in the morning and evening. Nirgundas Swami and Yogiji Maharaj spoke in the parayan and Naranji Maharaj spoke about the life of Shriji Maharaj.
Today, instead of the original bungalow, is the shikharbaddha BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir consecrated by Yogiji Maharaj in 1962.

1949 (Samvat 2005–2006)

Every year, Shastriji Maharaj used to celebrate Hari Jayanti in Ahmedabad. On 7 April 1949, the Shri Hari Jayanti festival was celebrated in Ambli Vali Pol, during which devotees came from central and north Gujarat.

21 May 1950 (Jeth sud 10, Samvat 2006):

Pramukh Varni Din

At 5 p.m., Shastriji Maharaj appointed 28-year-old Narayanswarupdas Swami as the president of the BAPS at Ambli Vali Pol Mandir in the presence of senior sadhus and devotees.

6 May to 4 September 1950:

Shastriji Maharaj’s  Final Illness

During this time the ailing Shastriji Maharaj stayed at Ambli Vali Pol. At that time, a parayan was held at the Shahibaug bungalow. Shastri Narayanswarupdas Swami (Pramukh Swami Maharaj) discoursed on the Satsangijivan shastra, Yogiji Maharaj discoursed on the Swamini Vato and Naranji Maharaj spoke on Shriji Maharaj’s divine lila. Shastriji Maharaj stayed for one-and-a-half months at the bungalow and gave the bliss of his darshan to the devotees.

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