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After Yogiji Maharaj departed to Dham, Pramukh Swami Maharaj arrived in Gondal for the first time. We had set up Swamishri’s seat on a wooden platform for him to deliver a discourse (parayan) from. Swamishri came and, standing besides his seat, he humbly asked me, “May I sit here?” Though the question asked was quite small, his humility was so great. He was modest and shy when I replied, “Please be seated. It is meant for you and we are also yours.”
I fondly remember another incident of Swamishri.
In 1984, I had a grave illness. I underwent a major surgery and was resting in a hospital in Rajkot. I felt as if I would no longer live. During those days, Swamishri was in Mumbai. After hearing news of my illness, he arranged that I be brought by air for treatment to Mumbai. After arriving in Mumbai, I was transported in an ambulance from the airport to the hospital. On the way, we came to the Dadar mandir. Swamishri was sitting on a chair, waiting for me, on the footpath by the road! Many devotees were also standing there. When my ambulance reached there, I was about to get down for his darshan, but he stopped me and said, “Wait, I am coming there!”
After getting into the ambulance, Swamishri applied a chandlo on my forehead and placed his hand on my head. Then, he told me to have Thakorji’s darshan, whom an attendant was holding. Then he blessed, “You have had Thakorji’s darshan, so you will be all right. Go to the hospital, Maharaj will protect you.” Thereafter, during my stay in the hospital and when I returned to the mandir, Swamishri constantly took care of me by making phone calls and writing letters. When he again came to Mumbai, he would daily visit Sant Swami and me to ask us about our health. He took great care and also instructed others to take care of me.
I experienced his love and compassion for his disciples in such times. It is not easy to love selflessly.
When I joined Satsang, I first came into contact with Shastriji Maharaj. Once, I had heard Shastriji Maharaj say, “I and Yogi are one. I am Yogi and Yogi is me.” So, after Shastriji Maharaj departed to Dham, I bonded with Yogiji Maharaj without any difficulty. Yogi Bapa had told me, “Do what Pramukh Swami says.” So, through my association with Yogi Bapa, I understood the greatness of Pramukh Swami Maharaj. However, after Yogiji Maharaj departed to Dham, many experiences affirmed that the Bhagwan manifest in Yogiji Maharaj is the same Bhagwan manifest in Pramukh Swami Maharaj.
In the time of Yogiji Maharaj, Pramukh Swami Maharaj used to remain very unassuming. He remained low profile. No one could fathom Pramukh Swami Maharaj’s immense greatness.
Afterwards, seeing all of Swami Bapa’s actions, I realized that he had the sentiments of giving moksha to all. He walked for the liberation of all. He tolerated a heart attack and went through minor and major operations, and that, too, for the liberation of others.
Shriji Maharaj says in the Vachanamrut that when such a great Sadhu acts extrovertedly, he then blesses countless souls with the spiritual state of Jadbharat and Shukji. Swamishri’s illnesses were his extroverted behaviour through which he made many brahmarup. People would perceive him to be sick, but through his divine episodes he cured many and granted them moksha. Those who remember his illnesses will attain moksha. So, one should not perceive manushybhav (human traits) in him.
I have experienced that when we obey his injuctions, he completely takes responsibility for us. We then feel secure and at ease. By obeying him he showers his divine grace upon us. I have experienced the same grace that Yogi Bapa had upon me being showered by Swami Bapa. Thus, I wish to spend the rest of my life obeying his instructions and follow him in his footsteps. There is great joy and worth in doing that!

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