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If one wants to keep a wholesome ambience at home then adjust your time and have dinner together. Then, sit together and read the scriptures. But we never think about sitting together, and therefore conflicts arise. We have to understand our own self. By so doing, our family will be happy and you will also be happy. If you introduce the tradition of sitting together, observing a little silence and singing a prayer and dhun then your life will get better.
Keep a mandir in your house and install whichever deity you believe in. Do daily arti, offer thal and sing bhajans and prayers. When your children see this they will know about the murti of Bhagwan. Otherwise, there are children who do not know this. In fact, parents should take the initiative and care in such matters. One must also take care in doing ghar sabha.
There is no end to our logical arguments against spiritual matters. However, by having faith in God’s words, scriptural words and the words of great spiritual masters, and accepting that whatever they say is true and there is not an iota of falsehood, then one becomes spiritually liberated. However, we doubt whether anything can happen by practising spirituality. But it can, providing we offer bhakti with resolute trust and faith.
When one member of the family sits down to do ghar sabha with faith then the entire family will experience peace. Gandhiji had faith in truth. Subsequently, many joined him on his word and made India independent (from British rule). Likewise, what cannot be achieved by having faith in Yogiji Maharaj’s words? Do ghar sabha with such faith. Even when no one listens, do it alone with resoluteness. Contemplate about it. Gradually, all the members will join.
Today, brothers and sisters have become independent in their homes. So, they don’t listen to each other. Though they belong to one family, they file suits against each other. The reason for such conflicts lies in the erosion of our culture and sanskars. Without sanskars, patriotism, family feelings and societal feelings break down. Then, there will be conflicts. In addition, corrupt sanskars lead to disrespect among family members. A husband and wife fail to respect each other. They thus quarrel and fight. I have heard of many such cases. Children cry and say that their parents fight with each other. Give up your fights so that your children do not fight. Fights erupt because of minor differences. But what is the benefit of fighting?
To avoid this, all members should assemble together to do ghar sabha and share their thoughts, pray to God, do bhajan and remember Shriji Maharaj. Try to understand each other. Tolerate a little and learn to let go. This will definitely bring peace in your home. That is why it is necessary to do ghar sabha. It ushers in spirituality. The reason for pain and discord in all homes is due to lack of sanskars. However, if there is spirituality at home then the family members will forgive each other and dignity will be restored.
By sitting together our minds coalesce. In other words, thoughts become one and life becomes straightforward. Because we do not sit together to talk, our thoughts get disturbed, we become angry and break moral rules.
When you marry off your son then believe his wife to be your daughter. And when you marry off your daughter then believe your son-in-law to be your son. Additionally, believe his relatives to be yours too. Believe your spouse’s relatives to be yours as well. However, after marriage, the spouse blurts out, “I don’t want your parents in my home!” Such behaviour leads to conflicts and eventually results in divorce. But you must understand that this is not our culture. We should consolidate cultural values in our lives to such an extent that others are touched by them and derive inspiration.
There should be no clashes in a satsangi’s home. Everyone should live with love, talk with love, do bhajan out of love and work together lovingly. When this happens, we have truly come to understand what satsang is.
The highest of all things is love. No matter how bad a person may be, but he can be transformed through love. So, when a person improves, the family improves; when a family improves, society improves; when society improves, the country improves; and when a country improves, the world improves. But the family improves through the practice of ghar sabha. Therefore, do ghar sabha and make your house sacred and ideal like a mandir. 


To make one’s home equivalent to Akshardhãm:


If we conduct Ghar Sabhã believing it to be the ãgnã [of the guru], then all [family] disputes will be resolved, and an atmosphere of unity will prevail.
Through Ghar Sabhã, all [family members] will understand one another, respect each other, and peace will prevail in one’s heart.
Only then will the bliss of worshipping God be experienced.
Jai Swãminãrãyan
Sãdhu Keshavjivandãs [Mahant Swãmi Mahãrãj]

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