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Faith In God
Question: Swamishri, you have kindled the light of faith in thousands because you are the embodiment of spiritual faith. Our faith wavers in times of small or great disturbances, whereas you remain steadfast like the Himalayas. Swamishri, can you throw light on the significance of having faith in God?
Swamishri: Faith in God can solve all problems. It is the mother of all things. When people of all categories, high or low, poor or rich, great or small, of any country or religion, have faith in God then their lives become meaningful and important. Because, God is the doer of all things. God's greatness, His words and instructions are eternal truths. First we must have faith in that and not doubt them.
If we have faith then we are able to accomplish our family, political and social works. When a farmer sows seeds, he does not think whether they will grow or not. He has faith that the seeds he has sown will grow and bear fruit; whether they be millet, wheat or barley. The farmers labor and they reap a harvest. You reap what you sow. It is a matter of faith. If it is done with faith, one benefits.
Businessmen spend hundreds of thousands of rupees to set up factories. They have faith in their investment that they will get millions in one year, two years or five years. They invest because they have faith.
Students study, but, if they have faith then they attain a good degree. If they strive with effort and faith then they can attain good degrees. If a student strives with effort and the faith, "If I study hard then I will get a degree," then he achieves. One who is faithless does not benefit at all. If he thinks, "What shall I gain by studying? Is it possible to become a doctor?" Then he can achieve nothing. He does not achieve physical or social benefits. Likewise, the path of spiritual salvation is one of faith in God. Some people who do not have faith say, "Where is the need for mandirs?" But through mandirs our dharma and values have survived. We know that beautiful mandirs have been built in India from the time of the Vedas. By going to mandirs we are inspired and strengthened. But those who do not have faith say otherwise. If that is so then where is the need for houses? We have houses so that we can look after our physical selves. Then, where is the need for schools and colleges? Why do we spend millions in that? Why don't the students study by themselves? Our schools, hospitals and colleges are merely piles of stones! But through them our children get education. Then, what is the need for sadhus and mahatmas? Some believe that they are useless and a burden on society. But the sadhus redeem us from our vices and addictions, inspire character and mould us into human beings. What a great feat it is to make a man into a man!
Just as we need professors, doctors, scientists, accountants and engineers, similarly, we need mandirs, sadhus and scriptures. They redeem our souls and bless us with peace and happiness in this life. If we can attain worldly things through faith, then can't we achieve spiritual things through faith!
One must have faith that God resides in murtis. God is the all-doer. Chant the name of God, remember Him and sing His glory during difficulties. Yogiji Maharaj used to chant God's name (dhun) during national, social or individual troubles; and the problems would be solved. He had a lot of faith in God. He would chant dhun for half-an-hour or even forty-five minutes, and he would never tire. Others would give up, but he had faith that any work would be accomplished through prayer and dhun. And they would in reality. We have seen that, heard of that and they have been recorded in scriptures. So, this is a subject of faith and it should be consolidated in our lives.
One must first resolve that God exists. God has created different things in our world. He has created trees, mountains, caves, waterfalls, men, butterflies, feathers of a peacock and the organs in our body. Despite science having advanced tremendously, it cannot make a drop of blood. However, when we eat food it is transformed into blood. God has made wonderful things within us. If our hand breaks we cannot make another one like it. Even plastic surgery cannot remake it like God's creation. But still, ignorant people say that creation works automatically. But nothing happens automatically. Man makes robots like human beings but is there a soul in it? Whereas we can talk, walk and do things for 80 years or 100 years. The stars remain up in the sky and from salt water we get sweet water that rains from the sky. We don't realise all the wonderful things God has given us, therefore, how can we develop faith in God!
Man believes, 'I am doing everything. I will make the world, family and society happy.' But this is arrogance, and where ego operates there is downfall. God is the doer. It is He who does everything. God is the doer in this world, in our life and country. When man has faith in God's doership he can then realise his atma, attain success in life and be happy and peaceful in all ways. Faith in God is necessary, and if we understand His glory with faith then we will be happy in all aspects. Those who have had such faith in God have become happy. Narsinh Mehta, Mirabai, King Janak, King Ambrish, Dada Khachar, Parvatbhai, Jhinabhai, 500 paramhansas and others had such faith. The great acharyas - Ramanujacharya, Shankaracharya - out of their faith gave us wonderful spiritual knowledge.
When we give up faith, then nothing can be accomplished. A faithless person can never draw strength, because strength lies in God. His strength is the greatest of all. The Pandavs had the strength and support of God. They won with God's strength, against the massive army of Duryodhan. The latter's strength was of no help. We understand such incidents, yet, when our work is not done we lose faith. But even in that God wishes for our good. He knows when obstacles are to arise or misery shall be our lot, so, He does not allow our work to be accomplished. We do not know this, whereas God does. He gives us happiness and misery for our own benefit. He does it to remove our base instincts and bad nature. If we live with such firm faith in God then we shall be blessed with great benefits.
We shall experience peace and happiness, mutual love and good feelings when we realise that God resides in everyone. If we do our work with faith in God, then He gives us strength in all ways.

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