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During the Amrut Mahotsav in 1967, Gondal, Swamishri did his best in making the water arrangements as per Yogiji Maharaj’s order. He had all the other responsibilities of the festival on his shoulders, so he worked relentlessly. However difficult the problem, he would solve it. Others could not even dream of such solutions!
Many problems cropped up while providing lodgings (during the Amrut Mahotsav), as it was impossible to allocate premises that were satisfactory to all. In that case too, he tried to please all. His power to take decisions was amazing. He was firm in his decisions. Initially, he would ask all and take everyone’s advice. However, when all were perplexed, he would give a decision by remembering Maharaj. He would say, “Maharaj will make things work out well.” With these magical words, everyone experienced ease, and no doubt or worry would remain thereafter.
In 1969, during the murti-pratishtha festival of the mandir in Bhadra, there were great difficulties in acquiring water. But with the blessings of Yogiji Maharaj, water was discovered in a well on the opposite bank of the River Und. A pipeline was quickly laid from the well across the dry riverbed and up to the mandir and dharmashala; a distance of more than 5,000 feet. Swamishri got the work done by continuously standing with the workers from noon till late at night in the torrid Vaishakh heat. He did not relax for a moment or feel tired. His total dedication to seva was evident to one and all. Along with that, there was no burden of work, worries and distress on his demeanour. He was always busy, patient and sincere with no uneasiness and pretences. That was why so many people derived inspiration from him.
In 1981, prior to Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s Bicentenary Celebrations in Ahmedabad, an anti-reservation agitation had erupted in Ahmedabad. The movement became increasingly violent day by day, which affected the Sabarmati Ashram area close to the celebration venue. A question arose as to whether to hold the festival in such circumstances. Preparations had begun months before, but it was feared that the agitation might escalate further. Numerous leading lights met Swamishri and expressed their views that the festival should be postponed.
In such circumstances, Swamishri never took unilateral decisions. He would consult all and asked for their views. All had suggested to postpone the festival. But Swamishri said in a calm and confident tone, “We should hold the festival as decided. Maharaj would set everything right and resolve the agitation.” And truly, due to Swamishri’s blessings the agitation was resolved before the celebrations commenced. The entire celebrations were carried out without a hitch. As such, Swamishri’s faith in Shri Hari and his strong will assured all that he was an extraordinary saint with a very strong bond with Shriji Maharaj.
In 1985, before the Bicentenary Celebrations of Gunatitanand Swami in Ahmedabad, there was an acute water shortage and a students’ agitation. Some social leaders opined that the celebrations should not be held. But Swamishri was firm in his decision. He said Maharaj-Swami would help us. Shortly thereafter, by his blessings, there were heavy rains and the water crisis was solved.
In the same way, Swamishri engaged his sadhus and youths in the service of mute animals during the drought and famine in 1987. He inspired and organized cattle camps and said, “This is service to God.” He planned the cattle camps in such a way that his sadhus and volunteers took utmost care of the cattle so that they could be useful for farming the following year.
The youths were always amazed at the efficiency and ability of Swamishri’s planning and management. In one such instance, a youth from Canada, Nareshbhai, enquired from Swamishri about the secret of his success. Swamishri replied, “From the beginning, I was engaged in the mandir activities, and secondly, I was inclined towards welcoming and taking care of the devotees. I was engaged in managing the boarding and lodging facilities, and in providing other facilities to the devotees. Shastriji Maharaj was much pleased with this. Such types of seva increased during the time of Yogiji Maharaj. From the beginning I was inclined towards the planning of festivals and solving various issues that arose. I had the habit of completing whatever task I undertook. Because of Shastriji Maharaj’s and Yogiji Maharaj’s grace the work goes on.”
In 1985, HE Giani Zail Singh, President of India, was sitting in the visitors’ room after visiting the Swaminarayan Nagar in Ahmedabad. On meeting Swamishri, he exclaimed, “Wonderful planning!”
Swamishri humbly replied, “Our sadhus and youths have unitedly done all this.” Swamishri gave all credit to his disciples. Then Zail Singh, a student of spiritualism and a discerner of saintly power, replied, “This work might have been done by anybody, but you are the motivating power and current behind all, otherwise this is impossible.”
Thus, anyone, after having the slightest acquaintance with Swamishri, could perceive the secret behind such success.
Swamishri found bliss in pleasing Purushottam-Narayan, the supreme being. This was his only aim and source of fulfilment.
No worldly storms ruffled him. He was never affected by the dualities of love and hatred and praise and insult. Because of Swamishri’s innate qualities, his body and soul were radiant with divine lustre. Those who viewed and followed him with divinity could visualize further and further the path of Yogaha karmasu kaushalam – proficiency in work is yoga.

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