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Q: Do you meditate on Shastriji Maharaj as being the form of Shriji Maharaj?

Swamishri: Having seen the guru in person and associated with him, I meditate upon the guru, with the belief that he is the form of Shriji Maharaj.

Q: While doing darshan of the murti of Shastriji Maharaj do you think of him as a murti or do you think about his actions?

Swamishri: I think about his actions. Like he is sitting on a bed, talking, sitting in a particular manner, meeting him on a particular occasion – thus I think and remember him in many ways. I also remember Yogi Maharaj in the same way: he is seated in Bochasan, in Sarangpur, and he is talking in such a manner. I don’t remember him in any particular sequence, but I remember him spontaneously and naturally. Sometimes I remember the same occasion ten times. But it’s new all the time and I recall what I remember the most.

Q: Is it so that when you are in Gadhada you remember the pastimes of your gurus in Gadhada and when in Sarangpur that of Sarangpur? Or do you recall any lila at any time?

Swamishri: Whichever place I’m in I recall the incidents of that place. When I am in Bochasan I remember them and the same with Sarangpur and Gondal.

Q: What special remembrances do you have?

Swamishri: The Suvarna Jayanti celebration of Shastriji Maharaj (in Atladra). Then, when I had gone with him to Jaipur and other important occasions. Other than that I recall those that I have in my memory.

Q: When you are in Sarangpur what do you recall?

Swamishri: I recall where Shastriji Maharaj used to sit and discourse, how he listened to discourses while sleeping and while I was reading. I also remember his call ‘Hare, hare’ while listening to katha.

Sometimes, Shastriji Maharaj would sit in a chair while supervising the construction of a wall, and also while we were working on the construction of the main gate. Once, while the stone seats (bethak) were being hoisted to the mandir, Harikrishna Swami called Swamishri for lunch. Swami replied, “Once the seats reach their place I’ll come.” By the time the work was done it was about 1.30-2.00 p.m. Such incidents come to mind.

Q: When you are in Gadhada what incidents do you remember?

Swamishri: Swami stayed very little in Gadhada. I came with him only two to three times: once when he came to perform the bhumi pujan of the mandir. At that time he sat down and described that he wanted to build a mandir here, the main gate facing the village, the sadhus’ living quarters behind, and the steps leading from the mandir down to the river Ghela and others. I also recall when sadhus sang kirtans. Many times I remember when Swami came for darshan here and he would point his hand and say with determination, “The mandir will be built here. I see a mandir on this hill.” At that time one could not imagine that we would acquire the hilltop in Gadhada and a mandir would be built. Similarly, I also recall the times when I had gone with Shastriji Maharaj for darshan at the ‘old’ mandir.

Q: Sometimes when you are thinking of Shastriji Maharaj have you experienced that he is talking to you in person?

Swamishri: When I recall an incident about him it is like him talking to me. I feel that when he is talking, I am listening. When he is saying, “I see the mandir on the hill,” at that time one can obviously see (him in one’s mind).

Q: Do you see him in person at that time?

Swamishri: Yes, I do. When I recall an incident I can see the way he is sitting, talking and speaking.

Q: Does Shastriji Maharaj talk to you that the land for the London mandir or Delhi Akshardham will be obtained. And does Shastriji Maharaj bless you and say, “Go, it will be done.”?

Swamishri: No, it is not like that. However, praying to him for that is alright.

Q: What wishes of Shastriji Maharaj do you always remember or have in mind?

Swamishri: The main gate to be made here in Gadhada and others.

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