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In any event, large or small, one finds Swamishri himself making the rounds managing and serving wherever it is needed. In 1961, during Gadhada’s Golden Kalash festival, the summer winds were blowing destructively. However, Swamishri remained undeterred. The issues with water and accommodations along with the cloth pavilions tattered or broken by the wind were enough to unnerve anyone. Yet, Swamishri resolved each problem with equanimity; never did his mind waver. Due to this, thousands of others remained motivated in their duties. It was in those times that we saw his ability to dispel the clouds of hopelessness with his own mountain of determination.
In 1965 again, it was Swamishri who was overlooking the management of Shastriji Maharaj’s centennial celebrations. He never thought of food or water and never worried about rest or sleep. Yogiji Maharaj would ask, “Has Pramukh Swami eaten?” But he would be found roaming the festival ground in the hot sun. Mota Swami would also ask him to come to eat and would wait for him. No matter how late Swamishri came, they ate together because Mota Swami would always fear that if he didn’t sit with him, Pramukh Swami would surely eat in a rush and remain hungry. One could see enthusiasm for seva and bhakti in every pore of Pramukh Swami. You couldn’t find an iota of body-consciousness (dehbhav) even if you were searching for it. The night before the celebration, the main stage was being prepared; he sat there the whole night. Everyone tried convincing him that they would only leave once the work was done but, he only left in the morning after the back wall was built and all the decorations were done. Then he finished his morning routine and was ready for the main assembly.
For the Amrut Mahotsav as well, in 1967, by Yogiji Maharaj’s wish Swamishri took it upon himself to secure water for the festival. He endeavoured with firm faith in Yogiji Maharaj’s word. Of course, he had all the other responsibilities of the festival on his shoulders as well. Still he was never overwhelmed or weary. No matter what problems came up he solved them with great ease, giving solutions that would not have even occurred to someone else. There were countless issues with accommodations. It’s always difficult to provide accommodation according to everyone’s wishes. Even then, he was able to keep everyone happy. He has the ability to take decisions instantly and with such confidence that he never has to change them. He would ask everyone, take everyone’s advice, but when everyone else was confused, remembering Maharaj, he would give the answer that such and such must be done. He would give everyone’s heart the support that Maharaj will do what’s best and so no doubts or worries would remain.
In 1967, there was also great scarcity of water for the murti-pratishtha ceremony of the mandir in Bhadra, Gunatitanand Swami’s birthplace. By Yogiji Maharaj’s blessings water remained in just one well on the opposite bank of the River Und. A pipeline was to be laid from there. In the middle, it had to be buried in the riverbed and then finally laid to the mandir and the visitors’ accommodations – easily more than 5000 ft. All of this had to be done in a very short amount of time. In the middle of the day under a scorching summer sun and even late at night, Swamishri stood by the labourers and accomplished the task – not a bit of weariness or sluggishness. You could see in his work ethic that he believed each second of seva to be devotional service in the work of Maharaj and Swami. And you never saw the weight of the task or his responsibility – no stress or worry. He was always patiently and sincerely active. There was no useless expression, no outward bustle that would show his importance or the gravity of his work. And yet, just from seeing that image of him, people continually gained inspiration.

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