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Swamishri’s dispo­sition was to always provide comfort to others and never care about his sufferings and discomforts. In 1977, during Swamishri’s satsang tour in South India, he once noticed there were no mattresses for the accompanying swamis to sleep on. So, Swamishri asked his attendant to give the mattresses to them from the bedding prepared for him, leaving only a single, thin mattress for him to sleep on.
In 1980, in Nairobi, Narayanmuni Swami and another swami had gone in advance for the preparations of an evening public assembly at the Kenyata Conference Hall. When the assembly was over, Swamishri called both the swamis and told them to return to their residence and have dinner. Swamishri knew that both of them had come early for the preparations without having dinner, and since it was ekadashi on the next day Swamishri had arranged a car to take them to their residence and have the food reserved by him.
A tired traveller rests under the shade of a tree and then proceeds with renewed energy. Soon after, he forgets the tree and becomes engrossed in his thoughts and work. Similarly, devotees hardly remembered the new lease of energy and joy derived from the shade of Swamishri’s care and blessings.
In 1988, during a satsang tour abroad, Swamishri was having a spiritual discussion (goshthi) with the swamis in a room. Shortly after, there was a telephone call for Swamishri from India. Since the devotee on the phone wanted to discuss his matter privately Swamishri got up and went to another room. When the talk was over, the swamis told Swamishri, “If you had told us, we would have gone to another room.” Swamishri replied, “How could I ask you to go out? You all swamis are like crowns [i.e., highly respectable].”
Swamishri was old. The swamis were young.
Swamishri was frail. The swamis were physically strong.
Swamishri was the guru. The swamis were his disciples.
Yet, Swamishri got up to give a reply to a devotee’s call in another room. Swamishri had limitless awe, respect and care towards his swamis and devotees.
Swamishri was in Gadhada. Doctor Swami and Narendraprasad Swami went to meet Swamishri in his room. The moment they entered, the lights went off. Swamishri called both the swamis to come near and take their seats. The discussions started. A few minutes later, the electricity returned and the lights turned on. Both the swamis were surprised when they realized that Swamishri had placed his own mattress in the dark for them to sit and he was sitting on the ground!
It is usually observed that until a disciple prepares and arranges a seat for his guru, the guru would not sit. But here, it was the guru who gave up his seat for his disciples.
Pramukh Swami Maharaj was such a guru who considered his disciples before himself.
In 1983, Swamishri suffered a heart attack. He was immediately taken to the hospital of Dr B.R. Patel in Vadodara. Doctor Swami and Mahant Swami also rushed there to see Swamishri. At that time, Swamishri gave instructions to his attendant sadhus, “Cook mung for Mahant Swami and prepare the bed properly for Doctor Swami.”
Swamishri didn’t pay attention to his illness, but instead gave instructions to make arrangements for the sadguru swamis.
Swamishri always cared selflessly whenever any swami fell ill.
In Atladara mandir, Chaturbhuj Swami, an aged sadhu, was on dialysis due to total kidney failure. Chaturbhuj Swami told Swamishri, “Now, I am of no use. I cannot serve. So please stop my dialysis.” Swamishri said, “Your dialysis will continue. I will make more efforts for your expenses.” Subsequently, the dialysis was continued for one year.
In 1982, Yogmuni Swami, a young sadhu residing in Sarangpur, suffered a leg injury and it had become septic. He was being treated and advised to take bed rest for a month. Meanwhile, as Swamishri was not well he was also taking rest in Sarangpur mandir. Every day, Swamishri would go to meet Yogmuni Swami in the morning as well as in the evening. Swamishri would bless him by placing his hands on his leg and enquire about his well-being.
Swamishri would invariably meet the sick swamis and bless them by placing his hand on their head and body. As a result of his divine touch the ailing swamis would feel greatly relieved and happy.
In 1987, during Swamishri’s pilgrimage to Uttarakhand, while bathing in the holy River Ganga near Lakshman Jhula, Mahant Swami told all the saints to pray for Swamishri’s good health. Immediately Swamishri added, “Not for me alone, but also pray for the good health of Mahant Swami, Doctor Swami, Ishwar Swami, Viveksagar Swami and all.”
In 1984, Balmukund Swami, the mahant of Gondal mandir, was operated for a kidney stone in Rajkot. However, due to some reasons, his condition became serious. Swamishri instantly called him to Mumbai and instructed Dr Kiran Doshi to make all the arrangements for his treatment. When the ambulance arrived outside the mandir in Dadar, Swamishri came and applied a chandlo on Balmukund Swami’s forehead, held Thakorji before him for darshan and said, “Now that you have done Thakorji’s darshan you will get well. You can now go to the hospital. Maharaj will protect you.” Swamishri daily went to the hospital to see and inquire about Balmukund Swami’s health. Once he was discharged from the hospital and returned to the mandir Swamishri visited him daily.

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