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Another incident of Swamishri also touched me. As per Swamishri’s wish, we eight sadhus went on a satsang tour of America in 1989. The tour was for four-and-a-half months. During the tour, my health deteriorated, and I lost my appetite and felt thirsty. I attributed this to a stomach ailment. I thought that once we returned to India, I would recover and be all right. I completed the satsang tour schedule and did not consult a doctor.
But, after the tour, when we returned to Mumbai, I was very weak and called Dr Kiranbhai Doshi. From my physical symptoms and the blood and urine report, it was diagnosed that I had severe diabetes. I was admitted to Dr Kiranbhai’s hospital. Swamishri was in Ahmedabad at that time. Some of sadhus who had travelled with me went to Ahmedabad and gave the details to Swamishri. Swamishri then went to Mehsana from Ahmedabad and blessed me by telephone at the hospital. He said that I would get well soon and instructed me to take rest and not to come to Bharuch for the birthday celebration. In fact, we had hurried at the end of the America satsang tour in order to attend Swamishri’s 69th birthday celebration. But unfortunately, I had to pass that day in hospital.
After one week, my health improved a lot by the timely and effective treatment of Dr Kiranbhai Doshi. From the hospital I went to the Dadar mandir for rest. After some days, Swamishri came to Mumbai for the mandir patotsav.
Swamishri came at 12 noon for darshan and saw me near the murtis of Dham, Dhami and Mukta and he embraced me. He inquired about my health and blessed me.
At night, when Dr Kiranbhai went into Swamishri’s room for darshan, Swamishri told him to treat me in such a way that I would never require any insulin injections. (At that time, I was taking insulin injections thrice a day.) Dr Kiranbhai said, “Bapa, he has acute diabetes and will therefore have to take lifetime injections.” But Swamishri said emphatically, “I do not wish that he continues injections.” He said this so firmly that Dr Kiranbhai Doshi could not argue further. And indeed, my health started improving from that day. As a result, the injections and medicines were gradually reduced.
After a five-day stay in Mumbai, Swamishri was about to depart on a satsang tour of South India. When he was departing, I sought his permission to proceed to Bochasan. He said, “Do not be in a hurry. Go when you have completely recovered.” I got much relief by his blessings. I informed him, “I am taking half-a-tablet every day and the injections have been stopped.”
He blessed me and said, “You will not require to take the tablet also.”
Dr Kiranbhai and other doctors wondered about how such a severe case of diabetes was controlled so quickly. But this had happened by Swamishri’s blessings. Then, the half-tablet dose was also discontinued and I returned to Bochasan.
I consider my diabetes as a blessing, since I got other benefits in life. But the greatest benefit was that I learnt about Swamishri’s feelings for me. He remembered me more than I remembered him, and he had much more love for me than I had for him.
Being convinced of all this, I feel much pleasure in my heart. I am satisfied so much that Swamishri gave me much more than I had deserved and for the seva I had done.

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