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Yoga means to do your actions with skill and expertise

Proficiency in planning is difficult; however in proficient planning, keeping equanimity is much more difficult than just skilful planning. In the Gita, God has called equanimity itself ‘yoga’. Only he who can keep equanimity in his actions is truly skilled, truly proficient. In every act, Swamishri’s stability is a trait that flies out and impresses you. Planning exceptionally and remaining stable in any situation is natural for Swamishri – because he lives his every moment immersed in Paramatma.
When the unity of word, thought and action, so rare in society, is so effortlessly achieved in the life of a great sadhu-leader, it is only natural that the fragrance of countless good works begins to radiate from him. His life, woven from the strands of devotion for God, shows perfection in countless strengths – including management and organization. Yet, a Gunatit Sadhu is not aware of this. He only joyously offers selfless actions at the feet of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. It is God who spreads the glory of his good works; he is the one who validates his deeds to the inner witness of countless humans.
When we consider Pramukh Swami Maharaj’s life, though he, from early on, continuously received the divine love and grace of Shastriji Maharaj, he stayed in the background and later in the shadow of Yogiji Maharaj. There was no show of exceptional devotion or great accomplishment. He gave primacy to duty and always stayed afar from prominence – keeping it tightly secured under the lid of his true saintliness. It remained difficult to recognize him. Even today, living and acting so simply and commonly, it is difficult to truly recognize him from the outside. Of course there is not the slightest inkling of showiness or pretention, but neither is there much ado about keeping a silent personality. Because of this, his identity becomes even more difficult to capture. However, when one lives with him and experiences his depth, his transparent saintliness and honesty, which put the high pinnacles of the Himalayas to shame, takes us to the limits of our comprehension and we are left whispering like the Vedas – “Neti, neti”. Despite remaining active in numerous and diverse activities, the height of his egolessness leaves a shade which constantly comforts all those around him. Even though his very existence is mingled with God’s form, Swamishri remains immersed in God’s bliss as a servant. And, forever in that state, Swamishri continually practices a profound desireless karma yoga – one in which he performs service without separating himself from God for even a blink of an eye.
After visiting the exhibition and other parts of the Aksharbrahman Gunatitanand Swami Bicentennial Celebrations in 1985, Swami Chinmayanandji arrived at the meeting room. There, as soon as he saw Swamishri, he asked, “Who has made all this?”
“God has,” Swamishri replied with ease, surety and patience. At that time Chinmayanandji thought that while that may be, surely the unlimited divine power of Vasudev is working through this sant. Otherwise, managing such a grand festival would be impossible. While Swamishri always protects his true identity with his humility, in his small and large works, despite his will, his truth shines out with sparkling saintliness. And in those moments, everyone’s minds testify that another, greater being is working through him. He has taken his existence and dissolved it in his Lord, Bhagwan Swaminarayan, and his gurus – Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj; we say this because he offers all the honour and credit of his works lovingly at the feet of God and his gurus. He constantly reminds everyone that it is by their wish and grace that we get success.


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