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Shastriji Maharaj used to patiently teach me everything. I had little education and had also not engaged in social duties, since I had become a sadhu at a young age. I was a farmer’s son, so we did not have many social connections. I had no idea of how things should be done, but Shastriji Maharaj showered his gaze and blessings on me.
He arranged for me to study and involved me in the mandir affairs. I also got to travel with Swami for several months at a time. Then, he gave me the responsibility for Sarangpur (as the mandir kothari). In the beginning, there was an error of 4 anas in the accounts. I felt that in financial matters, there should be no mistakes. So, when Shastriji Maharaj came I told him that I would not be able to manage money-related affairs. Swamishri said that such mistakes happen in the beginning and told me to travel with him. For about six to eight months I travelled with Swami. Then, Harjivandas convinced me, so I was appointed as kothari. Swami said, “This Bhaichand will be your assistant.” By God’s grace, everything ran well. And by doing the work, I learnt it.
Prabhudas and Ramji Bhagat served there. They said, “As you are kothari, you have to go to the farm for security.” So, at night they would take me to the mandir’s farm to check it. We went to Ambli Vadi, Shankar Vadi and elsewhere. We would leave at 12 midnight and return at 4.00 a.m.
Devo Babar, of Sarangpur village, told Virsang Bhagat - the kothari of Hanumanji Mandir - that Prabhudas takes Narayan Swami to make the rounds. So, Virsang Bhagat called them both and told them not to take me, “If you need someone, my man will come and if none of you go, he will still make the rounds.” Such was his affection.
Thus, gradually, I learnt everything, because of Swami’s blessings.

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