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Secret of Success
Question: Swamishri, we know that your greatness does not lie in your worldly achievements. Your greatness lies in your saintliness, egoless and flawless personality, and communion with God. You have attained the heights in both mundane and spiritual domains. What is the reason behind your success?
Swamishri: God is the reason. Without God's grace nothing is possible. No matter how much we endeavor, we cannot achieve success. Human effort and God's grace is the answer. We should definitely make efforts - with faith and a firm resolve. Success means having absolute faith and trust in God. He helps us in accomplishing our work when we realise His glory, chant His name, offer devotion to Him and spread His message.
Mãnas jãne me karyu kartal bijo koi,
Ãdaryã adhvach rahe Hari kare so hoy.
'Man believes, "I did it" but the doer is someone else, Things remain half-done and God is the doer.'
Man talks arrogantly about a lot of things. It is like a farmer sowing seeds on one hand and then spoiling as he advances - so nothing grows. Man becomes proud when he feels that he is doing everything. But we cannot even snap a blade of dry grass. Shriji Maharaj has said, "Without My wish even a dry leaf cannot move."

The gods and demons have always been fighting with each other. For countless years there has been friction between good and evil forces. Evil minds want to damage and harass. To do good to all are godly feelings. Today, there is terrorism in the world. Terrorists do not benefit by their acts, but still they make people unhappy by their demonic tendencies. By making others unhappy one cannot gain peace. By making others happy, and helping others benefit we gain and become happy. In the good of others lies our own. In the happiness of others lies our own. This is an eternal law.

Once, the gods became tired of fighting with the demons. So they went to God and prayed to Him for protection. God blessed and told them that they would get lots of strength and the demons would be defeated. And the demons lost. Then the gods became happy and enthusiastic. They said that the demons lost because of their powers. So, out of their joy, they began celebrating. Just as we arrange an assembly to celebrate after accomplishing a great work, so too, the gods arranged an assembly. Indra said that they had won because of his planning and arrangement. The fire-god said they had won because of his contribution. And in this way the gods boasted of their strength and power. God saw that they had forgotten Him and had become filled with pride. So, God came in the form of Yaksh (a divine being) and stood at the corner of the room. The gods were absorbed in praising themselves. When Indra saw Yaksh, he told the others to enquire who He was. The fire-god approached Him and asked, "Who are you?"

"I am whatever I am, but I am placing this dry leaf before you to see how you can burn it."
The fire-god replied, "Do you know my greatness? I can burn thousands of villages and towns. When I spread my flames I burn jungle upon jungle." And so saying, the fire-god applied his power but the leaf did not burn. The reason was because he was applying his own strength. Then the god of water, Varundev, came. He was told to wet the leaf. "I flood and drown so many houses and carry them away!" replied the god of water. He tried with all his might to wet the leaf, but failed. So, he too returned dejected.

Then came the wind-god, Vayudev, "I would like you to move this leaf," said Yaksh.
"Don't you know me. I am the wind. I can destroy everything in seconds." And so saying he applied his power, but nothing happened. Then all the gods resigned and felt how could they have failed! Then, God appeared before them and said, "Look, you have won because of My blessings, and still you have forgotten Me! When you talk of your strength how is it possible to accomplish this work!" Then everyone realised their mistakes. Victory lies in believing in God's strength and knowing His glory.

Today, so many people have forgotten the power of God's strength. We do not have the power to do anything without God. The reasons for success are God, His preachings, the holy Sadhu and his blessings.

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