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After Swamishri returned from his 1977 overseas vicharan, there was an assembly in Atladra. Swamishri himself was reading the Swamini Vato and discoursing. Many eminent persons were seated in front of Swamishri. At that time an ordinary looking devotee, who was probably uneducated and seemed confused, came and stood directly in front of him with folded hands. Swamishri did not get angry with him for the interruption, but talked to him calmly and humbly. This incident touched my heart, because, in such circumstances, others would have got angry and forced the man to sit down and perhaps looked at him with contempt. But no such untoward conduct was seen in Swamishri. It reflected his equanimity and equal feelings for all.
Humility was evident in Swamishri’s life. Ego was never seen in his life. Though so many people obeyed him and he was honoured and praised in many places, he was always humble. That is why Muktanand Swami had rightly said, “When I-ness is overcome, God is near.” So, according to the words of Muktanand Swami, one is convinced that Swamishri was God-realized.
One got life’s inspiration from Swamishri, who was wedded to selfless service, found in very few people. The majority of people work with a selfish motive. But, in Swamishri’s case, all his works were totally unselfish and for altruistic purposes.
By associating with Swamishri one was inspired with strength to do selfless service, and got the power to live according to these ideals.

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