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If Shastriji Maharaj and Nirgun Swami were alive today, they would have been overjoyed with the work done by Pramukh Swami Maharaj. Shastriji Maharaj was very pleased with Pramukh Swami. When the administration of the Sanstha was entrusted to him, Pramukh Swami was young and had a delicate and slim physical frame.
Shastriji Maharaj said, “Such a body does not befit this gadi. So, develop your body.” With his blessings, Pramukh Swami’s physical strength improved a lot.
Even today, Shastriji Maharaj is present. Through his omniscient powers he sees and knows everything. He sees us from his point of view. So, seeing all this today, he would be extremely delighted and exclaim, “How well Pramukh Swami has adorned and enhanced my work!”
Had Nirgun Swami been alive, he would have been ecstatic on seeing such work. Though not visible to us, Shastriji Maharaj is here in his divine form and moves around continuously. So also are Gunatitanand Swami and Maharaj. They would be happy at the work accomplished so far. We cannot see them because they have divine forms.
Shastriji Maharaj had his eyes on Pramukh Swami and entrusted him with work. When Shastriji Maharaj was appointing him as the president, Maganbhai, Chhaganbhai and some others had doubts. They said, “He is very young. How will he be able to shoulder the responsibility? Will he be able to manage the Sampradaya? The Sampradaya will break up. So, he should not be entrusted with this task.” But Shastriji Maharaj said, “I know his jiva; you will not understand that.” So saying, Swami assigned him the responsibility.
With the grace of Shastriji Maharaj and the presence of Shriji Maharaj, Pramukh Swami Maharaj carried on the work in such a peaceful way that the sadhus, devotees and youths were satisfied. He cared for all of them. Shastriji Maharaj had said to him, “Serve Yogiji Maharaj and obey his wishes.” He told Yogiji Maharaj, “Bless him with your virtues and saintliness.”
Shastriji Maharaj told him in the beginning when he draped him with a shawl and gave him the responsibility as president of BAPS, “Yogiji Maharaj is a great saint and he will initiate sadhus when he is alive. But, after him, you have to take care of these things. You have to give diksha to sadhus and look after the Sanstha as the guru.” Then, Shastriji Maharaj took Pramukh Swami’s hand and placed it in Yogiji Maharaj’s hand.
Now the entire world sees and knows what wonderful work Pramukh Swami Maharaj has done. Shastriji Maharaj used to say, “After me, when the work continues in this way for ten years, satsang will be doubled.” But Pramukh Swami, instead of doubling the satsang has increased it tenfold. And Shriji Maharaj, Swami [Shastriji Maharaj] and Gunatit Swami are greatly pleased with him. It is the wish of Maharaj and Swami that the Akshar-Purushottam upasana should spread throughout the world under the leadership of Pramukh Swami Maharaj. And in all the countries he will build mandirs. Maharaj and Swami has given him and will continue to give him the strength to carry on the work.

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