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20 October 2017, London

Yagnanand Swami introduced Dev Patel of Dallas, USA, to Swamishri “He is a kishore mandal re-gional coordinator. Last year, on his birthday, he told his father, ‘I don’t want anything else, but every month come to two sabhas.’ His father agreed. Two days ago was Dev’s birthday. His father wanted to gift him a car. But Dev said instead of a car, let us start ghar sabha. And his family agreed.”
Swamishri was pleased to hear about Dev’s passion for satsang, and blessed, “He truly has nishtha for satsang. Others would have just taken the gifts.”

4 October 2017, London

At the end of the morning puja assembly, some balaks came to garland Swamishri. They asked, “We are going to school, so will you be with us there?” Swamishri replied, “Yes,” and added, “Talk about satsang there.”

1 January 2020, Surat

Uttamyogi Swami asked, “Today is the first day of the New Year. How do you want us to celebrate it?” Swamishri replied, “Strengthen nishtha.”
“Nishtha in whom?”
“In Maharaj-Swami and the Satpurush.”
“If one has nishtha in the manifest Satpurush, what else remains to be done?”
Shaking his head, Swamishri said, “Nothing.”
Another sadhu said, “So the essence of everything is nishtha in the manifest (pragat).”
Swamishri clarified, “Only if one lives accordingly.”
“How is that done.”
Swamishri answered, “By instantly obeying his wishes.”

31 October 2019, Rajkot

In the evening assembly, Swamishri was requested to write a one-word answer to the question, “What can we do to truly earn your inner blessings?”
Swamishri wrote: “Nishtha.”

18 May 2019, Nadiad

In the evening Chhatralaya Din assembly, a youth asked, “How can we become happy in our life as householders?”
Swamishri guided, “Sincerely observe the niyams and dharma given by Shriji Maharaj and develop unshakeable ashro in Bhagwan.”

6 October 2019, Nairobi

After puja, Swamishri blessed, “If you have firm nishtha and sincerely observe niyams and dharma, then wherever you are in the world, at all times, Bhagwan is always with you. He never separates from you. And if these two qualities are lacking, then even if you have been with Bhagwan for 30–40 years, nothing is gained.”

10 August 2019, Dar-es-Salaam

Preparing to retire for the night, Swamishri said, “Without nishtha in Bhagwan, one’s ego cannot be eradicated.”

24 July 2019, Atladara

After Swamishri’s evening meal in the Chhatralaya, Paramprem Swami requested Swamishri to write his answer to the question, “What can we do to secure a permanent place in your heart?”
Swamishri wrote: “Maharaj-Swami ni dradh nishtha ane temne apela niyamo.”
(Meaning: Firm nishtha in Maharaj-Swami and sincere observance of the niyams they have given.)

1 August 2018, Godhra

After puja, youths presented a decorative heart to Swamishri and requested him to write something on it Swamishri wrote: “Niyamni dradhta and nishchay rahe to Akshardhamma jay.”
(Meaning: One who sincerely observes niyams and has firm nishchay attains Akshardham.)

16 April 2019, Gandhinagar

During the afternoon, post-lunch, assembly, Swamishri said, “The pleasures and pains of this world are temporary and perishable. That is the way of the world. But Maharaj-Swami are permanent. Develop this firm nishtha.”
An attendant sadhu asked, “How can we know that we have developed such nishtha?”
Swamishri said, “Constant joy within. Regardless of the external situation, that person is at total peace, unflappable, undisturbed. Because he has faith that Maharaj-Swami are the ultimate truth he has no worries. Even the slightest doubt in this causes unrest.”

4 February 2017, Sarangpur

A sadhu asked, “What should we do so that the mind does not overpower us?” Swamishri replied, “Have firm ashro in Bhagwan. Unshakeable. Then the mind does not stand a chance.”

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