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Swamishri Takes Care of Our Soul
25 January 1987, Mumbai

Introducing Pithawala Saheb to Dr Samani, Swamishri said, “This is Pithawala Saheb. He has deep feelings for sadhus. When we go to his house, he takes much care.”
Dr Samani: “In fact it is to be seen who actually takes care of whom.”
Swamishri: “This is all mutual; you take care of us physically, and we take care of your soul.”

Swamishri Had Kept God
20 August 1988, San Jose, California

Youths: “Which games did you play when you were a child?”
Swamishri: “I used to play ordinary games like kho-kho, hutututu and amli pipli.”
Youths: “Does that tree [where you played amli-pipli] still exist?”
Swamishri: “How can it exist [after so many years]? Everything has gone. Why remember it after leaving [Chansad]?”
Then Swamishri said, “Why remember when it never existed at all! [For me there is] no London, no house, other things and people. [I] have kept only God and that is sufficient. I do bhajan and make others do it.”

Swamishri’s Total Engrossment in God
11 April 1990, Bhavnagar

After completing dinner and a few meetings, Swamishri was reading letters in a room at night. There was a light bulb right above his head. Suddenly, it slipped out of the socket, fell on to Swamishri’s neck and slid down his back. In spite of this, Swamishri kept reading the letters. After reading the letters, Bhadresh Swami informed him about what had happened.
Swamishri said, “When did it fall down?” Bhadresh Swami replied, “It fell down when you were reading the letters.” Then, Narayancharan Swami remarked, “Your stability of mind is remarkable!”
Swamishri replied with a smile, “When my mind is engrossed in God how would I know of it?”

God Dwells in Swamishri
29 January 1987

Nilkanth, an 8-year-old child from Mumbai, often asked questions to Swamishri.
Once, Nilkanth asked, “Do you have God within you?”
Swamishri said, “That’s why I am sitting here [serving as the guru].” In the Satpurush, God exists fully, and in others, he remains as the in-dweller (antaryami).

God Is Worshipped by Offering Pujan to Swamishri
9 August 1988, Bryan, Texas

Dr Sudhirbhai asked Swamishri, “Since I have not physically seen Shriji Maharaj it is difficult to imagine him while doing mansi puja. However, I have seen you, so can I imagine your murti in mansi puja?”
Swamishri replied, “Shriji Maharaj is God. We have faith in him. So, we have to worship him in mansi puja. But having an association with a God-realized guru, God can be reached. Such a guru has a direct communion with God. He has seen God, so remember the guru. [Just as] when one wants to worship the waters of River Ganga, one does pujan of the pot because the pot contains Ganga water. Likewise, God dwells in a true guru, so by offering pujan to him one worships God.”

Swamishri Is Everywhere
14 December 1988, Nairobi

After Swamishri’s morning bath, his attendant swami was inserting the contact lenses in Swamishri’s eyes. At that time Vishwavihari Swami asked, “When are you coming to Ahmedabad?”
Swamishri replied, “I am here now, so why should you worry about Ahmedabad? Take the benefit [of this opportunity]!”
Then, suddenly, Swamishri revealed, “I have nothing like coming and going [from one place to another]. This is a game in between; otherwise, I am here as well as there.”

Such a Sant Is God Himself
12 November 1988, Nairobi

In Nairobi mandir, Swamishri was sitting alone on a sofa in the hall outside his room. Shukmuni Swami came running to him and asked, “Why are you sitting alone?”
Swamishri replied, “I am not alone. Shriji Maharaj, Gunatitanand Swami, Bhagatji Maharaj, Shastriji Maharaj, Yogiji Maharaj, and sadhus and muktas like you are with me. I am seated with God within me, so one cannot say I am alone.”
Shukmuni Swami: “I cannot see God.”
Swamishri: “Do you wish to see him?”
Shukmuni Swami: “Yes.”
Swamishri became exuberant and gazed into Shukmuni Swami’s eyes and revealed, “Now see.”
After seeing in this way for about twenty seconds Swamishri said, “The one [Shriji Maharaj] who is in Akshardham, the same [Divinity] is also here. Therefore, remain in a state of joy, bliss and courage [with the faith] that you have met God himself. If someone asks you whether you have seen God, you should say ‘Yes’. Realize Vachanamrut Vartal 11. Believe the Satpurush to be your atma. Have affection only for him. He is the only means to realize your atma and God.”
A complete comprehension of Swamishri’s divine personality is encapsulated in a verse written by Nishkulanmand Swami:
“Ãp tali malyã Bhagwanmã, Jenã ãpamã Hari no vyãp, Sant te swayam Hari.”
Meaning: “A Sant who has unity with God, in him, God completely pervades. Such a Sant is God himself.”

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