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When I met Shastriji Maharaj, he asked me to become a sadhu; and I did. From the day I left home, I had resolved to only do what pleased Shastriji Maharaj. I had wished to study English, but Swami said study Sanskrit – and that’s what I did.
My only aim is to discharge the seva he has given me in the best possible way. Like the 500 paramhansas who had understood the glory of Shriji Maharaj and thus sacrificed themselves, so too I have had the single aim of pleasing Shastriji Maharaj.
He appointed me as the kothari of Sarangpur mandir. I was young when I became a sadhu. So, I did not know how to carry out the administrative affairs. Being a kothari means knowing about the mandir accounts. But I came from an ordinary family, and we didn’t have a big business from which I could have learnt. However, Swami told me, “You have to do it.” By his grace I discharged that duty. In fact he (Shastriji Maharaj) was doing it.
Thereafter, I was told to undertake a very big responsibility – to become the president of the Sanstha. I was 17 years when I became a sadhu. When I was 28 years Shastriji Maharaj thought of this (duty for me). For me it was too big a task. The reason being I was not that educated, so I didn’t have the knowledge and capacity either. Furthermore, there were senior sadhus who had sacrificed their all for Shastriji Maharaj, and compared to them I was a mere child. So, to be given such a big responsibility, I wondered how I would be able to do it.
Shastriji Maharaj, however, wished that because of his old age he wanted to entrust the administrative responsibility of the Sanstha to Narayanda. Shastriji Maharaj wrote a letter to me (in this regard) from Mumbai. So, I wrote back, “I am not eligible for this because I have very little education. I am also a new sadhu. It is beyond my capacity. It would be better to appoint a senior sadhu.”
So, Shastriji Maharaj wrote again, saying, “I know everything.” In spite of receiving the second letter I reiterated my words. But Swami said that he wanted to appoint me as the president. Then he conveyed his wish to Champakbhai Banker. I said to Champakbhai, “I do not have any such capacity, but if it is the wish of Shastriji Maharaj I will take up the seva. He will have to inspire me. If it is his command, I will do it, otherwise, I do not have such strength. Only on his strength will I be able to do it.”
Then Shastriji Maharaj arranged everything at a home in Amblivali Pol, Ahmedabad. It was there that renowned businessmen came for Shastriji Maharaj’s darshan. A committee meeting was called there. Earlier, the constitution of the Sanstha had been drafted there in the presence of Shastriji Maharaj. So, the members of the committee were called. Shastriji Maharaj’s health was poor.
On waking up after his afternoon rest Shastriji Maharaj sent for me. He was very happy and placed his hands on my head and said, “Since you have agreed to become the president I feel very peaceful.”
I said, “Swami, it is impossible to carry out such a work.”
Swami said, “You won’t have to do it. Shriji Maharaj will do it and I’ll do it. There is no need for you to worry. You don’t have to take that burden on yourself.”
Then he called Yogiji Maharaj and said, “From now onwards I am appointing him as the president.” And so saying, he placed a shawl (chadar) on me. He told Yogiji Maharaj to place his hands on my head and said, “Bless him so that he gains the virtues you have, he attains sadhuta (saintliness) and he is able to accomplish good works.” Then Yogiji Maharaj blessed me.
Thereafter, Shastriji Maharaj stated, “You please Yogiji Maharaj and do what he says.” Then Swami called a meeting. Many felt that I was too young and the Sanstha’s work was too big. They thus told Shastriji Maharaj, “Think before what you are going to do.” They had all thought of Yogiji Maharaj for the responsibility. In reply, Shastriji Maharaj said, “I know. Yogi is a great, illustrious person, but I wish to make this young sadhu the president, and he will do well.”
Shastriji Maharaj said, “Through all these years I have established the Sanstha and I have not had any troubles. All that I have done so far I have done with due thought. And this too I am doing after due thought. He is young, but I’m sure he will do it well. There is no need for you to worry.” Thereafter everyone was pleased.
Then during the committee meeting an appointment letter was read and thereafter Shastriji Maharaj placed a shawl around me. Thus I firmly believe that everything is run today because of his wish, power and inspiration.
When I was appointed as president and when I was given the sadhu diksha Shastriji Maharaj had instructed me to please Yogi Maharaj. After Shastriji Maharaj went to Dham I did not have any other thought (other than pleasing Yogi Maharaj). While engaged in administration (of the Sanstha) problems did arise. But I had firmly decided to please the devotees and fulfil Yogiji Maharaj’s words.
On the spiritual path there is nothing other than focusing oneself on God and guru. What does he (guru) wish? What does he like? One should remain passionate about these thoughts. If one thinks otherwise, one can never progress. God is the doer. Whatever he does is for one’s good. In spite of making efforts, when the work does not get done one gets disturbed and depressed. But I have only one thought – this is Shastriji Maharaj’s Sanstha and I have Yogiji Maharaj’s blessings – thus I’ve never had weak thoughts and never felt tired. As a result he was happy (with me). All the works (in the Sanstha) are being done because of his inspiration.
On the spiritual path moksha is attained only through Bhagwan and his Sant. Without the grace of Bhagwan and the blessings of the guru nothing becomes possible; and along with their blessings one should make efforts.

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