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Service is a universal value that is taught in schools and house holds. In many schools, performing community service is mandatory for graduation. Students dedicate time helping special needs children, volunteering at the local soup kitchen, visiting the nursing home or tutoring younger children. Shriji Maharaj has always taught us to serve selflessly.
Once, Shriji Maharaj was at Dada Khachar’s darbar in Gadhada. He found out that Dada Khachar was falling behind in his farming. Shriji Maharaj asked Parvatbhai, who was also a farmer, to help Dada Khachar. In response to Shriji Maharaj’s command, Parvatbhai said, “When I have labored for my family for all these years, why would I shirk from laboring of a devotee of Yours.” Thus, Parvatbhai set a side his own farming duties to serve Dada Khachar. At a mere word from Maharaj, Parvatbhai was willing to drop everything.
Another such example of selfless service is that of Uka Khachar and his wife. Each day, before dawn, they would sweep the road that Maharaj and the sadhus walked on from Dada Khachar’s darbar to the Ghela River, clearing it of thorns and stones. Uka Khachar always did exactly what he knew Maharaj would want. This is the selfless service we must imbibe to earn Maharaj and Swami’s rajipo and increase our personal satsang footprint.


We may know the story of Sundarji Suthar. He was secretary to the King of Kutch and a staunch follower of Shriji Maharaj. He was also very popular among the residents of Kutch because they saw him embody the principles that Shriji Maharaj taught them. He infused Satsang into his daily life and represented Maharaj in an ideal way. He also inspired others to do the same. Thus, it came as no surprise that when Maharaj commanded him to become a sadhu, Sundarji unflinchingly forsake his home and his position.Through his actions, Sunderji left his satsang footprint for future generations to follow.
Author John Green, in his commencement address to Butler University in 2013, stated that when our generation leaves this world, everything “will be washed away by the sands of time.” However, we have the ability to etch our satsang footprint in stone so that it lasts forever.
So what would it truly take for us to leave a permanent footprint in this world? To start, we can imbibe values like humility, unity and service in our daily lives. It’s as the old adage says, “Actions speak louder than words.” When we act according to Maharaj’s values, we increase the magnitude of our satsang footprint and inspire future generations to do the same.


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