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Saints and great men achieve many things through the synchronization of their speech, thought and behaviour. The resultant good actions spread like an aroma all around. What may appear difficult for many people, the saints can achieve. Their lives, woven like the threads of worship and service to God, show proficiency in planning and management. The saints, who are above the three gunas, are modest and offer their selfless services to God with joy. God alone spreads the glory of their divine works.
In Yogiji Maharaj’s times, though Pramukh Swami Maharaj was the recipient of Shastriji Maharaj’s divine love and constant care, he always remained unseen and served under the guru’s wings. He never made a show of his devotion and successes. He always avoided fame by merely doing his duties and in abiding by the highest tradition of asceticism. It was difficult to understand him. Even after becoming the guru it was very difficult to grasp the divine spark in him because of his simplicity. There was no pretence, not an iota of conceit, nor a hint of his peaceful personality. Hence, it was more difficult to know his greatness. But, after being with him, when we realized his true personality, we were transported to the heights of his grandeur of unfathomable, transparent asceticism and generosity which dwarfed even the highest peak of the Himalayas. Though Swamishri was engrossed in various activities all the time, through his humility he continuously spread his divine warmth everywhere. Swamishri remained totally absorbed in God, yet he believed himself to be a servant. He performed wonderful and relentless selfless services without detaching himself from Paramatma for even a moment.
In 1985, after visiting the exhibition halls at Swaminarayan Nagar in Ahmedabad, Swami Chinmayanandji came to the visitors’ room. Here, on meeting Swamishri, he asked, “Who has organized all this?”
Swamishri replied in his usual tranquil and patient manner, “God has done all this.” Swami Chinmayanandji accepted the answer, but felt that the inexhaustible divine power of Vasudev was working through Swamishri; otherwise such planning would not have been possible. Swamishri’s radiant saintliness was reflected through his big and small humble activities. Thus, all were convinced that someone (God) performed all the activities through Swamishri. He had merged his existence in Shriji Maharaj and his preceptors – Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj. He always said that all things happened by their wishes and blessings.
Swamishri organized, served and took rounds during big or small occasions and festivals. During the Suvarna Kalash Mahotsav of the Gadhpur Mandir in 1961, the strong summer winds of Vaishakh (June) were playing havoc. In spite of the shortage of water, dearth in lodgings and the strong winds knocking down the mandap, Swamishri solved these issues and completed each task with equanimity. On seeing all this, many got the inspiration to serve. On all occasions, big and small, Swamishri would be seen serving steadfastly in all the departments.
In 1965, Swamishri was overseeing all the arrangements during the Centenary Celebration of Shastriji Maharaj in Atladra. He did not care for food, water, rest or sleep. Yogiji Maharaj used to enquire, “Has Pramukh Swami taken food?” But Swamishri would be engaged in seva in the hot sun at the festival site. Mota Swami requested Swamishri to come and have lunch with him, and he waited anxiously for him till he came. This way, Mota Swami ensured that Swamishri would have lunch with him.
Swamishri’s humble enthusiasm for devotion and service was very much evident whenever he was supervising the festival work all through the night prior to the inaugural day. Once, while the assembly stage was under-construction, many devotees explained to him that they would finish off the work while he could go and rest. But Swamishri left only after the brick wall behind the stage was constructed and painted. Thereafter, he completed his ablutions and attended the morning sabha.

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