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On 3 May 2018, during the Youth Day assembly in Secunderabad,
the youths asked questions to Swamishri. The question-answer
session is as follows...

Q 1. Swami, we feel ashamed to apply the tilak-chandlo and abide by other satsang niyams when we attend college and go out. How did you remain steadfast in observing the niyams during your college life?

A. Yogiji Maharaj had instructed me to do so. Hence, there was no other thought after that. One has to follow agnas. I obeyed his agna. Let others say what they want. When we realize who are guru is, then his instructions should be obeyed immediately. Firstly, follow his agna, then spiritual knowledge will dawn. No matter what happens, obey his word. O, how great Maharaj and Swami are! On the one hand if one is offered `1 crore for a job and on the other if one is offered `5 to `25 in another job, would you not take the job offer with the salary of `1 crore? Similarly, one’s social affairs will come to an end in 25 years and you’ll have nothing left. Do the tilak-chandlo with these thoughts in mind.”

Q 2. Today, our satsang has increased incredibly, so it is not possible for all to experience the four types of happiness of the guru: darshan, prasadi, discourses and to hug him. How can one attain those four types of happiness?

A. Spiritual understanding (samjan) is the root answer. Then, all questions will be solved. What are the wishes of Shriji Maharaj, Yogi Bapa and Pramukh Swami Maharaj? Know them and follow them. Then, even though you may be thousands of kilometres away and whether he is able to meet you or not, he is with you. Spiritual understanding is a big thing. Doing things out of understanding will sustain your spirituality, whereas, other (worldly) things will come and go, stay or disappear. After understanding his wish and inclination, no matter how far away you may be, you are near him. Devotees live far away in America, Africa, but due to samjan they experience the four types of spiritual happiness.

Q 3. What is your opinion and wish about using a mobile phone. What type of discrimination (vivek) should we exercise ?

A. Pramukh Swami Maharaj’s wish is my wish and opinion. Swami Bapa believed it to be poison; but there is a need to use it. So, it must be used with proper discretion. It should be used appropriately with regards to time duration and frequency of calling. Even one who is spiritually knowledgeable (jnani) and steeped in meditation (dhyani) lapses by using it. It contains moha (attractions and delusions), which makes one forget (right and wrong). Therefore, be alert and careful. One will remain happy to the extent one exercises vivek.

Q 4. What should one do to spiritually benefit from the Satpurush so that one can always remember him?

A. Swamishri jokingly replied, “You’d have to travel with him.” Then he added, “But that is not possible. Having a spiritual understanding is a very big thing. Once one gets it, all physical, mental and other problems will get solved.
“The total time Shastriji Maharaj had spent with Bhagatji Maharaj was three years. But he remained happy due to samjan. He had to wear white clothes for three years, but he still remained happy due to samjan. Thus, spiritual understanding or samjan is useful.”

Q 5. Instead of wasting time by coming to the Sunday satsang assembly what is wrong in spending time studying, playing sports and doing other things?

A. Swamishri said emphatically, “Everything else is hollow and temporary. Satsang is very wonderful. How can one kick away satsang like a football when it has been attained after performing infinite endeavours! Satsang is very pure and pious. It solves all problems. By doing satsang one’s mind becomes focused, and applying it thereafter gives success. So many children and youths who do satsang properly attain top grades in their studies.
“Doing satsang is like sharpening [the axe]. By spending more time in satsang one will be able to ‘chop’ more. Swaminarayan Bhagwan has said, ‘In spite of having done satsang for 100 years when one doesn’t do it for one day, one regresses, and slowly one’s satsang erodes to a point where one wonders whether one is a satsangi or not!’ Therefore, do not sacrifice satsang for the sake of doing other things.”

Q 6. Youths succumb to the lures of Facebook and the internet. Bless us so that we can overcome them.

A. Swamishri wrote, “To defeat maya without the aid of the Satpurush is impossible. One has to associate with the Satpurush through one’s mind (man), karma (action) and vachan (speech). Then surely one will not become entrapped by maya.”

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