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How to become free from laziness

We explored the words of the Vachanamrut about why God dislikes laziness. So, efforts should be made to overcome it. Let us see some solutions to overcoming laziness.

1. Clarity of Goal

Firstly, it is important to have a clear goal. Fix your goal with regards to doing bhajan, bhakti, satsang work or your social duties. Then, organize your time to achieve your goal. Thereafter, focus on your daily timetable by detailing your schedule from morning till evening. Thereafter, firmly decide to finish the amount of work by evening.
At night, evaluate how much you have accomplished and schedule the unfinished work for the next day. Pramukh Swami Maharaj had emphasized many times to write your timetable for each day.

2. Believing One’s Faults to Be One’s Enemy

Bhagwan Swaminarayan said that if one wants to oust any fault in oneself then one must develop a feeling of hatred for it. Make a resolute pledge, “Laziness is my enemy. It has spoilt a lot of things in my life.”

3. Stop Deceiving Ourselves

Quite often we push ourselves into the pit of laziness by exclaiming, “Oh, I’ve laboured a lot, so I must rest for a while.” Such words are uttered out of self-deception and self-pity. But, never have self-pity on ourselves. Renounce self-pity. Only when we are strict upon ourselves can we be saved from self-pity. Yogiji Maharaj often said, “‘Crush’ one’s senses and mind. They should quake with fear.”

4. Inclination for Change

Always develop an inclination to constantly improve yourself. For example, you daily perform your morning puja. However, to make your puja and ghar sabha ideal, you should consistently make efforts to improve them, otherwise laziness will raise its head.

5. Take Inspiration from Those Who Are Good

Focus on those who have given up laziness. Once, (many years ago), I went to the terrace of Dadar mandir. I saw three people sleeping there. When I went near, one person got up. But on seeing the other two sleeping, he went back to sleep. So, I woke him up and asked, “Why did you lie down to sleep?” He replied, “Because the two are sleeping.” I remarked, “Besides them, can’t you think of the 30 persons who have already got up and gone?” (The person remained silent.) We imitate those who have regressed. Having such an attitude, expecially when one wants to give up laziness, is not correct. Instead, take inspiration from those who have given it up.
In Vachanamrut Gadhada I 20, Bhagwan Swaminarayan states about giving up laziness: Bhagwan blesses that for one who has satsang it is easy to attain atma darshan or God-realization, however, whatever lapses that a devotee has is due to his laziness. In Vachanamrut Loya 6, Maharaj says, “If he [devotee] is very lazy, sleeps too much and when told by others to bathe, meditate or observe other niyams, says, ‘I’ll do it later; what’s the hurry. I’ll do them slowly’ – then even though we may be good, one should avoid his company.”
Give up laziness to become a recipient of Shriji Maharaj’s grace.

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