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“Swami! I perform puja daily, but do not get enjoyment. When I sit to perform dhyan, mansi puja and introspection, my mind wanders off in so many directions…”
This is a common complaint by many. They experience it daily. That’s why, sometimes, people feel that their puja is merely a show. And that instead of pretending, it is better not to do it.
However, if the mind is not focused during puja, prayer or introspection there is no need to give up. Instead, analyze why the mind is not focused. How can it be focused? Understand and sincerely endeavour to improve.
The main reason that one’s mind is not focused during puja, dhyan, arti and other rituals is that one lacks mahima and does not manage time properly. It is obvious that when you sit down to perform puja, you are not able to do house chores or office work. So, why then think about such tasks and spoil one’s puja? When you sit down to do puja, then actually ‘doing puja’ is the best and proper use of time. Otherwise, puja is not performed and other duties are also not done. This is how one does not make proper use of time.
Also, due to lack of mahima, the mind does not remain focused. Think, whose puja are you doing? By whose command? There is so much benefit gained by performing puja with a focused mind (Vachanamrut Sarangpur 3). Thinking about all this will help to focus the mind. Do you ever fall asleep counting your money? No, because you understand the mahima of money. So, why does one fall asleep when turning the mala? Is God not more important compared to money? By such systematic introspection, one will experience joy in performing puja and will naturally be able to concentrate.

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