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 Hindu religion talks of the feelings of 'I-ness' and 'Mine-ness' as maya. It is this ignorance that obstructs one's path to God-realization and happiness in life. One should recognise it as it manifests in various forms in our lives in this age of self- centeredness. L.N.Hales writes briefly on "I".

"I hate the chap who tries to beat the traffic lights;
But if he happens to be me - well, that's all right.
I loathe the car that in a jam, twists in and out;
But If I'm sitting at the wheel I slyly grin.
At drivers who lean on their horns, I rave and shout;
But when some fool gets in my way, I always honk him out.
I grow indignant at the chance another takes,
But I drive 60 miles an hour and trust my brakes.
I wonder, is it possible they cannot ever see,
that traffic laws were made for them and not at all for me?"

'I am the measure of all things' is the predominant spirit behind our behavior.
Similarly, our attachment to things we call 'mine' manifests itself in life.


This is a strange world. If you threw an occasional party, 
you are being graceful.
If your neighbor does, he is trying to show off his aristocracy.
If your son elopes with a girl well, boys will be boys.    If your neighbor's son does it, shame on him.   
If you run for election, you are seeking to serve the nation.   If your neighbor is a candidate, politics is the last refuge of a scoundrel.  
If you get promotion, it was something long overdue.   If your neighbor gets a rise, it is the reward of consistent sycophancy.  
If your son is studious, he is widening his horizons.   If your neighbor's son burns the midnight oil, he is a bookworm.  
If you build a big house, it is to accommodate your large circle  of friends and relatives.   If your neighbor does it, it is vulgar display of opulence.  
If you go abroad often, it is because travel enriches your outlook.   If your neighbor does it ,he probably has a connection with smugglers'.  

One could go on talking and feeling in the manner for hours on end. Such an attitude or standard would thin one's personality and fatten the I' and 'Mine', thus weighing one down with discomfort and hostility. Let us join hands and step out from the circle of self-centeredness and live a benevolent, peaceful and holier life.

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