Caring for those that have provided for you is a duty. BAPS ingrains this value in children and youth from an early age. The traditional Indian extended family unit is encouraged through youth forums, weekly satsang sabhas, cultural retreats, and even youth conventions. Children are taught the benefits of living in an extended family as opposed to a nuclear family model. They are taught to respect and provide for their parents until they are at rest. This moral wisdom is at the core of our initiatives to assist the elderly. Pramukh Swami Maharaj has personally counseled thousands of teens and youth to take care and provide for their elderly or handicapped parents. This value forms the base for a happy and promising future for both children and their parents. Especially when both parents work, grandparents serve a major role in parenting their grandchildren. They teach age-old family values, ethnic languages, and even religious practices and rituals. They play the role of the parent for close to nine hours a day! Through counseling and teaching, children are taught to provide for their parents with respect and genuine concern. They are taught that charity begins at home.

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