A family functions best when each individual is aware of their responsibilities to the family unit. Without this understanding of how one’s behavior affects the family, there is a high chance of discord within the family. Just as a sports team may lose when even one individual fails to perform, domestic relations are often strained when members neglect the duty they have to the rest of their family.
Family responsibility workshops held at BAPS centers provide counseling, instruction, and practical case scenarios on the responsibilities of each member of a family. Discussions about accountability and dependability help illustrate that a family is much more than a group of people simply sharing a house. Individuals are reminded to concentrate on more than just their own achievements. Ultimate fulfillment lies in the progress of the entire family.  
Pramukh Swami Maharaj has met over 3 million individuals in the past 50 years. Most of these personal consultations, letters exchanged, and phone calls are centered on domestic discord or familial unrest. He insists that families put aside their differences and talk out their issues. He has personally mediated between family members to resolve the strife that eats away at the social fabric of a home.

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