BAPS understands the negative influence and pressure youths face in school and work environments and tries to provide a positive environment where it is socially acceptable to be moral, spiritual, and in touch with one’s culture. BAPS youth forums, outings, and spiritual assemblies and conventions provide an environment for youths of like-interests to fit in and network with one another. BAPS also instills a sense of confidence and pride strong enough to counter the effects of negative peer pressure. We provide an environment where you can be socially welcomed without having to smoke, drink, do drugs, or attend dance clubs. Youths are provided with alternative places to have fun, play sports, and enjoy popular festivals and holidays. BAPS mandirs and centers hold celebrations for Diwali, Navratri Garba, New Year’s Eve, and even Memorial Day barbeques that provide a wholesome replacement to the clubs and party environment. Pramukh Swami Maharaj takes personal interest in discussing the effects of peer pressure with thousands of youths. He speaks to them about following their daily rituals, moral disciplines, and attending weekly satsang sabhas. He reinforces the ideals of Hindu Sanatan Dharma in future generations through his selfless love. He once wrote a 48-page letter to a group of youths that had attended a New Year’s Eve party and engaged in smoking and drinking. His tone is always positive, loving, and gentle. It is his personal guidance that helps thousands of youths grow in an environment free from the influence of negative elements of society.

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