Mansi puja is the mental worship of God. Mansi puja is not limited to a particular time of day and does not require a specific place or accommodation. It is primarily performed during daily puja every morning, but ideally, mansi puja is performed five times a day. During mansi vichar, members of the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha focus their minds on the divine form of God. Many of them reminisce, or do smruti, of various murtis and relive moments they have experienced with their guru. In their mansi puja, they offer bhakti in various forms by mentally singing His praises, serving Him, feeding Him, putting Him to sleep, and bathing and adorning Him with garments and ornaments. Mansi puja is not imagining; it is believing that God is omniscient and accepting your service through your mental offerings. Some devotees also introspect on their day’s work and actions, which enables them to improve their productivity and spiritual output for the following day. 

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