Mahima vichar is to meditate on the greatness of Bhagwan and His gunatit sadhu. Mahima vichar, also called prapti vichar, helps us appreciate how fortunate we are for being blessed with the company of God and His pragat, or ever-present, gunatit sadhu.

Aksharbrahma Gunatitanand Swami cites this method as one of the best ways to remove our inner instincts. Constantly thinking of the greatness of God and His gunatit sadhu helps us realize that their power and strength is enough for us to eradicate all of our base desires.
Many times mahima vichar also implies thinking of the glory of God’s devotees. This enables us to overlook people’s minor faults and develop a positive outlook on life and those around us.

Yogiji Maharaj was the embodiment of mahima vichar.  

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