Hindu Dharma believes that no particular religion is better than another; all genuine religious paths are facets of Bhagwan's pure love and light, deserving tolerance and understanding. Hindu Sanatan Dharma not only teaches tolerance for other religions but respect as well. Everyone is entitled to their own path, and none should be mocked or persecuted. Hindu Sanatan Dharma is classified as henotheistic: belief in and worship of one Supreme Bhagwan without denying the existence of other Gods or forms of the Supreme Bhagwan. The often quoted proverb that conveys this attitude is, "Ekam sat anekah panthah," which means, "Truth is one, paths are many." No one path is correct; we are all striving for the same goal in our own unique way. It is this tolerance and belief in the all-pervasiveness of Divinity that has allowed India to be home to followers of virtually every major world religion for thousands of years. Nowhere on Earth have so many religions lived and thrived in such close and harmonious proximity as in the home of Hindu Sanatan Dharma—India.  

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