Morality is a component of spirituality. The BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha encourages a lifestyle rooted in spirituality and purity. Followers of the Swaminarayan faith lead a life of non-violence, service, and devotion to God. Pramukh Swami Maharaj emphasizes the importance of living honestly, working ethically, and giving back generously to the community. These values thus lend to a strong spiritual foundation for devotees. Bhagwan Swaminarayan enunciated key moral disciplines for sadhus and householders.

For Householders:

Live an addiction-free life; Do not partake in drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
Consume a strict vegetarian diet free from tamasic foods, such as onion and garlic.
Refrain from stealing, violence, slander, and fraud.
Live a morally pure life free from adultery.

For Sadhus:

Nishkam - Live a life free from lust; Follow the discipline of eight-fold celibacy.
Nissneh - Live a life free from attachment; Offer complete service and love for God.
Nisswad - Live a life free from gluttony or vicarious taste; Relish only in the flavor of God’s splendor.
Nirman - Live a life free from ego; Practice humility and selfless service.
Nirlobh - Live a life free from greed; Satisfaction is only derived from attaining God.

Additional moral disciplines that all devotees and sadhus follow are as follows:

1. No Violence - Not to abuse, hurt, or kill any living being. 
2. No Adultery - Not to commit adultery or excessively associate oneself with the opposite sex. 
3. No Consumption of Meat - Not to eat meat or take medicines derived from meat. 
4. No Consumption of Alcohol  - Not to consume alcoholic drinks or take medicines mixed with alcohol. 
5. No Suppression  - Not to suppress or take advantage of those who are helpless.
6. No Committing Suicide  - Not to commit or even contemplate suicide. 
7. No Theft - Not to steal or take anything without the owner’s permission.
8. No Slander - Not to slander or blacken the character and lives of others. 
9. No Vilification - Not to vilify other deities or religions. Respect all faiths. 
10. No Impurities - Not to take food which is impure, not prepared with filtered water, or prepared by unknown hands. 
11. No Atheistic Association - Not to keep the company of atheists or listen to lectures given by non-believers. 

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