Dhyan literally means meditation. To do dhyan is to meditate on Bhagwan’s image. During dhyan, the mind is focused solely on God and His gunatit sadhu. In Hindu Sanatan Dharma, murtis are used to help focus our minds on God as they are a tangible form of divinity. It is believed that Bhagwan Swaminarayan and the guru parampara actually reside within the murtis, so dhyan is done with the feelings that they are present in front of us. By focusing the mind and senses on Bhagwan Swaminarayan and the guru parampara, worldly desires are subdued. Dhyan also improves concentration as it involves striving to prevent the mind from thinking of materialistic thoughts. This concentration in turn is useful in all aspects of life – school, work, and so forth. By doing dhyan, the murti of Bhagwan becomes imprinted in our hearts. Dhyan stabilizes and soothes the mind as it focuses on God’s divine image. Dhyan should be done every morning during puja.
Visit the Daily Murti Darshan page to do dhyan of today’s murti for a few minutes.

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