Another core belief of Hindu Dharma is that of Parabrahma, Paramãtmã, Parameshwar, One Supreme Bhagwan, or God who is unparalleled and the highest entity. Parabrahma manifests in various forms, but He is one and supreme. The Rig Veda proclaims, “Ekam sat viprãhã bahudã vadanti,” meaning “Truth is one, but the wise describe it in many ways.” Hindu Dharma is monotheistic, worshipping one but with respect for all Gods and spirituality. To be more precise, it is henotheistic, meaning the belief in and worship of one Supreme God without denying the existence of other ‘gods’ or forms of the Supreme God.
Parabrahma is sat-chit-ãnanda, that is, eternal, consciousness, and bliss. Parabrahma is 'sarvopari', supreme and all-powerful; 'sãkãr', possessing a divine and personal form; 'sarva kartã', the all-doer; 'antaryami', the all-knower; and 'pragat', ever-present on Earth through a gunatit guru. Parabrahma comes on Earth in human and other forms to liberate the pious souls, to fulfill devotees spiritual wishes, and to destroy evil. He possesses infinite divine qualities, out of which six are prominent: gnãn', knowledge; 'shakti', strength; 'virya', power; 'aishwarya', divinity; 'tej', brilliance; and 'bal', strength.
Parabrahma is independent, and His divine power prevails over all.  He is the creator, sustainer, and destroyer. He is the only controller of infinite universes. He is above maya and controls it with His power. Through His association, jivas and ishwars can become divine. In His transcendental form, He has a human form and resides in His divine abode called Aksharadhãm. In His immanent form, He pervades Aksharbrahma, ishwars, jivas, mãyã, and infinite universes. Parabrahma is also present as antaryãmi and sãkshi, or witness in each of us.  

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