Mahapuja is a worship ritual that allows many devotees to simultaneously participate in prayer. During this ritual, devotees pray to God and ask for harmony, world peace, and an unhindered path to completing a particular endeavor. The first mahapuja was performed on June 2, 1830 CE (Jeth Sud 11 Samvat Year 1886) in Gadhada by Gopalanand Swami, a senior sadhu. Aksharbhrama Gunatitanand Swami instructed Gopalanand Swami to perform the mahapuja in front of Gopinath Dev at Gadhadha Mandir. On that day, Gopalanand Swami explained the glory of the mahapuja: “Here in Junagadh, resides Aksharbhrama Gunatitanand Swami. Those that perform a mahapuja here will be freed from emotional, mental, physical, and financial miseries.” Today, mahapujas have become an integral part of the festivities in murti pratishtas, commencements, inaugurations, housewarmings, and even birthday celebrations. Mahapujas are performed every morning in shikharbaddha mandirs around the world and on Poonam, or full moon nights, in hari mandirs.  

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