The organization’s work has made a lasting impact on many dignitaries, entrepreneurs, and celebrities, some of which are shared below. 

“But what I really wanted to do this evening more than anything else was to find a way of congratulating you all for your really remarkable achievement, and it is a great achievement; I realize that having met so many of the volunteers who have put so much of their lives into this project, in creating this very remarkable and special temple, inspired as it is by Pramukh Swami Maharaj with all its breathtaking craftsmanship and its attention to detail."

Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales

“Your Organization is doing great service to mankind by spreading the message of goodness and joy. It is indeed commendable that the Swaminarayan Movement has not limited its work to the Movement alone, but has gone out in society, conducted a door to door crusade against the evils of society to promote peace and harmony.”

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

I have never seen such wonderful work elsewhere. The Sanstha’s relief and social work during such a disaster (Latur earthquake)has provided society with a new life and strength to bear the pain and suffering. This effort has been of great help to us.

Shri Manohar Joshi
Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra

“My visit was a journey in learning and memory that I will always treasure and I send you, and all who helped to make this such a special time, my heartfelt best wishes."

Princess Diana

“He is doing great work and may he be supremely successful in achieving his goal of curing and creating peace in this world."

Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh

"It's so inspiring what you have all achieved. I am left speechless. Your words have touched us as much as the building – but without the building, we would never have heard the words. Thank you for your sacrifice."

Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group

Prime Minister of Great Britain, Rt. Hon. John Major, 9 March 1997
The beauty is not just in the building, it is perhaps in the way the building came about, and in the people who voluntarily, for years, dedicated themselves without pay, here to construct this beautiful mandir. I shall go today with a memory that will be unforgettable, of one of the most beautiful mandirs I have ever seen, built in the latter part of the 20th Century, entirely by voluntarily endeavour in the heart of London. If that had been suggested to me some years ago, I would scarcely have credited that it could have been possible, but it has been done, and to those who carried out the work I offer my warmest congratulations."

Prime Minister of Great Britain, Rt. Hon. John Major

H.E. Samson Kisseka, Vice-President of Uganda, 1992
This Movement has done so well and so much for India. You are retaining unity, moral behavior and respecting all religious beliefs. The Swaminarayan devotion, spiritual values and unity of various people – this is a wonderful and commendable job you have done. I have been very impressed to see Akshardham and the service your people are rendering."

HE Samson Kisseka, Vice-President of Uganda

“Your work of instilling moral values in the youth of today is to be thanked. I am deeply impressed."

Richard Gephardt, President of the Democratic Party, USA

Here you'll find in BAPS that sense of moving from working individualism to collectivism, you'll find moving from the battleground to common ground and moving onto a higher, moral ground - this is a great organization!"

Rev. Jesse Jackson

The greatest religion is one which promotes chanting of God's name and doing of noble deeds. I feel that this lesson has been exemplified here. Your work dispels hatred and lights the lamp of love and harmony.

Shri Gyani Zail Singh
Former President of India

If the salvation of India and of the human race is to be achieved it can only be through the great ideals which I find being propagated here. I wish there were more organisations like these.

Nani Palkhivala
Economist and Indian Advocate

You are good pious people. If the whole world took you as an example it would be a better place, free of crime, of war and self-destruction. I believe you have valid answers to life's toughest questions. Your organization is doing great work.

Bob Kaplan
Member of Parliament, Canada

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