For over two decades, Guruhari Shri Pramukh Swãmi Mahãrãj practiced yoga and prãnãyãm daily, visualizing himself sitting in front of the Akshar Deri.

To accompany this daily routine, the sãdhus of BAPS – as an offering of love and devotion for Shri Guruhari
conceived and created various audio experiences.

Although originally intended only for the personal use of Shri Guruhari, we are now releasing these prasãdi audio experiences for the devotees.

We hope that these ‘daily encounters with the divine’ will bring peace and fulfilment to all.






Following a cardiac event in 1983, Shri Manuvaryaji Mahãrãj customized a daily schedule consisting of walking, yoga and prãnãyãm for Shri Guruhari as described below.

  • 30 minutes – Walk, followed by:

  • 10 minutes – Shavãsan
  • 04 minutes – Light yoga exercises
  • 05 minutes – Anuloma-Viloma prãnãyãm
  • 05 minutes – Omkãr prãnãyãm
  • 05 minutes – Bhramari prãnãyãm

To accompany the above schedule, the sãdhus of BAPS – as an offering of love and devotion for Shri Guruhari – conceived and created various audio experiences which he used for over two decades, therefore these prasãdi audios are sacred.


Before releasing these audio experiences, some important additions to the original have been made:

  • The live audio recordings of Shri Guruhari during these sessions have been overlaid upon the existing originals.
  • As the original recordings were intended for the personal use of Shri Guruhari only, the nãmãvalis concluded on ‘Om Shri Yogiji Mahãrãjãy Namo Namah’.  Now, ‘Om Shri Pramukh Swãmi Mahãrãjãy Namo Namah’ has been added.

An interview with Shri Guruhari about his ‘daily encounters with the divine’ during these sessions has been included. (Recorded on 04 February 1997 – Amdãvãd.)


Suggestions for use

To experience the ‘daily encounters with the divine’, we suggest:

  • Find a quiet location.
  • Sit on a comfortable ãsan or chair.
  • Dim the lights.
  • For an immersive experience of sitting in front of Shri Guruhari, play the recording using external speakers at a reasonable volume.
  • We encourage you to participate in doing yoga and prãnãyãms along with Shri Guruhari.
  • Shri Guruhari always practiced this schedule after sandhyã ãrti.
  • It would be beneficial to make this a daily routine.

May your ‘encounters with the divine’ grow day by day.




Four post-sunset soundscapes were conceptualized:

  1. Shri Ayodhyãpuri:
    Bãlprabhu Shri Ghanshyãm doing yogãsanas on the ghãts of River Saryu.
  2. Shri Jagannãthpuri:
    Shri Nilkanth Varni engrossed in doing prãnãyãms by the sea shore.
  3. Shri Gadhpur:
    Drenched in unrelenting rain, Aksharbrahma Shri Gunãtitãnand Swami patiently awaits for a glimpse of Parabrahma Shri Sahajãnand Swami – the ultimate attainment of ashtãng yoga sãdhanã.
  4. In the foothills of the Himãlaya:
    Prayer by Shri Gopãl Yogi after realizing the true form of Shri Nilkanth Varni.
    Interview with Pramukh Swãmi Mahãrãj (Recorded on 04 February 1997, Amdãvãd)



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