Bhagwan Swaminarayan incarnated on Earth to reveal the path to spiritual redemption, or moksha. Moreover, He ensured that path remained open for devotees of future generations through the continued presence of Aksharbrahma on Earth. The constant presence of Aksharbrahma in the form of the satpurush, or gunatit guru , on Earth is one of Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s most significant contributions to mankind. The satpurush, or Bhagwan’s ideal devotee, serves as a role model for the spiritual aspirant. He proves that it is possible to live in this world and yet remian aloof from the clutches of maya.

Aksharbrahma is God’s ideal devotee. Just as Radha, Sita, and Parvati represent the ideal way to worship, respectively, Shri Krishna, Shri Ram, and Shiva, the gunatit satpurush shows us the ideal way to worship Bhagwan Swaminarayan. Following his footsteps, one step at a time, ensures our moksha.

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