Vijayadashmi is more commonly known as Dashera. Millions of Hindus celebrate this festival marking the victory of Shri Rama over Ravan. The festival represents the victory of good over evil. As a symbol of that victory, some burn effigies of Ravan. Fesitivities include colorful processions and cultural performances from Shri Rama’s life. Fafda and jalebi are offered to God and then distributed as prasad to devotees.


Shakti Mataji vanquished the asura Mahishasura on the tenth day of Navratri after nine days of fighting. That day came to be known as Vijayadashmi.
Dashera marks the victory of Shri Rama over Ravan after the asura kidnapped Sitaji from the forest.
Arjun vanquished the entire Kaurava army singlehandedly to save King Virata’s cattle in Matsya.


Effigies of Ravan are burned, symbolizing the victory of good over evil.
Devotees offer fafda and jalebi to God and distribute them as prasad.

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