The Cultural Festival of India (CFI) was a 31-day celebration held on the grounds of the Middlesex County College in Edison, New Jersey. This festival was an amazing display of Indian talent and art. Craftsman created beautiful mandirs, gates, and artifacts featuring intricate carvings. The stunning Indian villages, charming dances, enchanting musical performances by maestros, and awe-inspiring exhibitions shared India’s majestic culture with North America. The festival’s 3 exhibitions displayed moral stories highlighting universal values of familial harmony, compassion, and love.
CFI featured 4 magnificent mandirs and 5 beautiful archways, with 40 acres of landscaped gardens and fountains. Everyday, over 150 children and youths performed 26 different types of traditional Indian folk dance from various parts of India, such as Bhangra from Punjab, Teratali from Rajasthan, and Raas-Garba from Gujarat. People entered the fairgrounds eager to experience the sights and sounds of India. Every visitor also left with a taste of India as this festival had 20 food stalls, each of which offered exquisite Indian delicacies. CFI shared and celebrated India’s culture with over 1.2 million visitors from North America and the world.
Festival Highlights:

  • 1.2 million visitors from around the world.
  • Middlesex County came to be known as ‘Little India.’
  • Over 150 children and youths performed 26 different folk dances and theatrical performances daily.
  • A traditional Indian village, complete with bazaars, fairs, and traditional entertainment, was recreated.
  • Computer and multimedia booths gave an interactive peek at India’s heritage.
  • 2,100 volunteers dedicated tens of thousands of volunteer hours.
  • 3 cultural exhibits, ‘India – A Cultural Millionaire,’ ‘In the Joy of Others Lies our Own,’ and ‘Beautiful Borderless World,’ depicted lessons from India’s rich heritage.
  • 40 acres of lush gardens and fountains adorned the festival grounds.

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