Shri Rama incarnated on Earth to kill Ravan, an evil demon. Even though Ravan was well-versed in the scriptures, he opposed dharma and caused chaos throughout India.
Hanumanji, one of the foremost devotees of Shri Rama, was born on Chaitra Sud 15. Anjana, the wife of Kesari, King of the Monkeys, gave birth to Hanumanji due to the grace of Shiva and Vayu Dev. Thus, he is also known as Anjanisut (son of Anjani), Anjaneya, Pavansut, Marutsut, Maruti, and Vajrang. Pavan and Marut represent Vayu Dev. Vajrang comes from the words ‘vajra’ meaning indestructible and ‘ang’ meaning body. Hanumanji devoutly served Shri Rama and was always ready to follow his commands. On this day, Hindus visit mandirs and apply a tilak of sindur to their foreheads. Hanumanji is the ideal example of complete service to and firm faith in God.


  • Angira Rishi visited Indra in Swargloka. Indra welcomed him by arranging a dance performed by Punjikshtala. As soon as she started dancing, the rishi closed his eyes and started concentrating on Paramatma. Once the dance finished, Indra asked Angira Rishi, “Oh Rishi! How was the dance?” The rishi replied, “I was absorbed in meditation of God. I am not interested in worldly dances.” Indra felt ashamed, but the dancer was opined, “How can such a narrow-minded rishi appreciate the arts and dances here in Swargloka?” Upon hearing this, Angira Rishi cursed her, “Behold! You shall be sent to the Earth from Swargloka. You will be born as a female monkey in the forests.”
    The dancer realized her mistake and begged for forgiveness. The rishi consoled her, “A great devotee of Paramatma will be born as your son.” The dancer was the daughter of Kunjar, the King of the Monkeys. She married Kapiraj Kesari of Mt. Sumeru.
  • Rituals:

  • Devotees pray to imbibe the virtues of Hanumanji.


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