Vicharan Reports

17 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Posh sud 4) Thursday, Mumbai Singapore
At 12.35 am Swamishri flew from Mumbai to Singapore, on arrival at Singapore, the local time was 8.15 am.


18 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Posh sud 5) Friday, Singapore
During the evening assembly, the President of India Club, Jakarta, Shri Nalinbhai Rathod, and Shri Samtani donated an ambulance to the BAPS for its earthquake relief work.


19 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Posh sud 6) Saturday, Singapore
At 6.00 p.m., a public Satsang assembly was arranged at the renowned Suntek City Hall in the city center. Many dignitaries welcomed and honored Swamishri. A welcome dance was performed by the local yuvaks. After speeches and bhajans by sadhus, Swamishri addressed the audience of 400 devotees and wellwishers.


20 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Posh sud 7) Sunday, Singapore
At 10.50 am, Swamishri visited the Jain Bhavan at the invitation of its trustees and blessed the assembly.


22 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Posh sud 8) Tuesday, Singapore, Perth (Australia)
Swamishri flew from Singapore to Perth, arriving at 9.54 pm local time.


24 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Posh sud 10) Thursday, Perth
At 11.10 p.m., Swamishri arrived at the mandir to address a special assembly of balaks and kishores. Two kishores, Kunal Patel and Jilen Patel played the Swaminarayan dhun with the bugle and flute respectively. They were accompanied on the tabla by 5-year-old Bikramsingh. Then 4-year-old Harshil Dodiya narrated two incidents from the life of Swamishri. Finally, Swamishri addressed the balaks and kishores to remain anchored to Hindu dharma and culture and to excel in their school and college studies.


25 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Posh sud 11) Friday, Perth
During the assembly, Honorable John Kobelke, Minister for Labour Relations; Consumer Affairs; Employment and Training; Leader of the House in the Legislative Assembly, welcomed and honored Swamishri. On addressing the assembly he said, "Tonight's celebration has special significance for the Perth Mandir as it marks the visit of its spiritual leader. And Perth is blessed that we should have a man of such eminence and holiness amongst us to share his spirit and to welcome us along the path to holiness. His visit acknowledges the important role that the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir plays in our local community and the role it plays in enriching the religious and spiritual life of its devotees. With the help of its dedicated volunteers, the Perth Swaminarayan Sanstha undertakes vital humanitarian projects in West Australia and throughout the world. Their tireless efforts to promote unity within the local and global communities deserve our admiration, support and congratulations."
John Quigley, MLA of Sterling City, also welcomed Swamishri with a bouquet.


26 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Posh sud 12) Saturday, Perth. Grand Nagar Yatra
A colorful procession of the murtis to be installed was taken out through the streets of Perth. The grand procession of decorative floats with the murtis, costumed balaks and kishores and traditionally dressed women carrying auspicious pots attracted the attention of the local Australians. More than 500 devotees and wellwishers participated in the 2½ hr. long procession.


27 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Posh sud 13) Sunday, Perth. Murti Pratishtha Ceremony
o Amidst Vedic chantings, Swamishri performed the pratishtha ceremony of Shri Akshar Purushottam Maharaj, Shri Radha-Krishna Dev, Shri Sita-Ram and Hanumanji and Shri Shiv-Parvatiji and Ganeshji. After pujan, an annakut was arranged before the deities and finally Swamishri and the devotees performed the pratishtha arti.
In the pratishtha assembly, Mr Joe Camileri, Counsellor for Scarborough Ward and Mr John Quigley, MLA for Sterling City, honored Swamishri. Finally, Swamishri addressed the audience of 550 devotees and wellwishers.
o In the evening assembly bhajans and speeches by sadhus inspired the audience. The kishores and youths of BAPS Satsang Mandal performed a short drama on Govind Bhagat's honesty. Finally, Swamishri discoursed to the assembly.


30 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Posh vad 2) Wednesday, Perth, Sydney
Swamishri flew from Perth to Sydney, departing at 3.45 p.m. and arriving at 10.30 p.m. local time. Swamishri was enthusiastically welcomed at the airport by devotees and youths.


31 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Posh vad 3) Thurssday, Sydney
In the evening welcoming assembly at the BAPS mandir, various leaders of Indian organisations welcomed Swamishri and lauded his socio-spiritual works.



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