Vicharan Reports

2 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Magshar vad 3) Wednesday, Amdavad
After lunch Swamishri blessed a group of 15 deaf-dumb youngsters from Bhavnagar who had come to Amdavad to see the Sastha's publishing house - Swaminarayan Aksharpith.


3 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Magshar vad 5) Thursday, Amdavad
At 5.30 pm the former Chief Minister of Gujarat Keshubhai Patel visited Swamishri and received blessings.


5 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Magshar vad 7) Saturday, Amdavad
The evening assembly today was celebrated as a symbolice Jholi Utsav. Over 20,000 devotees attended.


6 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Magshar vad 8) Sunday, Amdavad, Sarangpur, Gadhada
At 8.55 am Swamishri left Amdavad to go to Sarangpur, arriving there at 11.00am.
Swamishri performed the inauguration ceremony for the relocated and newly built gaushala (cattle sheds) at Sarangpur.
At 5.25 pm, Swamishri left Sarangpur for Gadhada arriving for darshan at Lakshmi Vadi at 6.10 pm. Then, after visiting the Gopinath Dev Mandir for darshan, Swamishri arrived at the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir on the hill.


7 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Magshar vad 9) Monday, Gadhada
The first day of the 3-day Swaminarayan Mahamantra Bicentenary Celebrations. (News report)


8 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Magshar vad 10) Tuesday, Gadhada
The second day of the 3-day Swaminarayan Mahamantra Bicentenary Celebrations. (News report)


9 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Magshar vad 11) Wednesday, Gadhada
The third day of the 3-day Swaminarayan Mahamantra Bicentenary Celebrations. (News report)


11 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Magshar vad 13) Friday, Gadhada

After morning puja, Swamishri performed the murti pratishtha for the murtis to be installed in the mandirs at: Chada, Ratanpur and Kanpur in Vallbhipur sub-district, Rampar and Parvala in Umrala sub-district and Mandavdhar in Gadhada sub-district.


12 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Magshar vad 14) Sunday, Gadhada, Bhavnagar
At 6.00 pm Swamishri departed from Gadhada, arriving in Bhavnagar at 7.20 pm.


14 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Posh sud 1) Monday, Bhavnagar
Today was Uttarayan. The Jholi utsav was held in the evening at Akshar Vadi.


15 January 2002 (V.S.2058, Posh sud 2) Tuesday, Bhavnagar, Mumbai
In the morning, Swamishri performed the Shilanyas Ceremony for the new shikharbaddh mandir to be built in Akshar Vadi.
At 4.45 pm Swamishri flew from Bhavnagar to Mumbai, landing at 5.23 pm.



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