Vicharan Reports

1 November 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso sud 15) Thursday, Gondal. Sharad Punam
Due to Swamishri's back pain, slight pain in the heart and stomach, he was advised by doctors to rest as much as possible.
In the evening, Swamishri arrived for the Sharad Punam festival at 9.20 pm. More than 23,000 devotees had assembled for the festival.
The discourses centred upon the glory of Gunatitanand Swami. The four dramas enacted depicted the power of Swaminarayan Mahamantra, the staunch faith of Abhaysinh Darbar who did not succumb to mantra-jantra to relieve his fever, Gunatitanand Swami who tolerated the persecution of Uga Khuman and blessed him in return and Yogiji Maharaj who was bitten by a black cobra in Gondal and saved by the chanting of the mahamantra.
A lively folk dance appropriate for the occasion added enthusiasm and joy to the festival. Finally, Swamishri blessed the congregation by referring to Gunatitanand Swami's boldness in speaking about the supreme glory of Shriji Maharaj.


2 November 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso vad 1) Friday, Gondal, Rajkot, Mumbai
Due to ill health Swamishri departed for Mumbai for a thorough health check-up. Swamishri arrived at Mumbai at 9.30 pm.

6 November 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso vad 6) Tuesday, Mumbai
The results of Swamishri's cardiac tests were normal. The doctors however advised to slow the pace of Swamishri's vicharan and take proper rest.


11 November 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso vad 11) Sunday, Mumbai, Rajkot, Gondal
Swamishri departed from Mumbai at 12.25 pm and arrived in Rajkot at 1.05 pm. In the evening Swamishri blessed the huge satsang assembly in Rajkot and then departed for Gondal.


12 November 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso vad 12) Monday, Gondal
The kishores of the rural area performed a drama in the evening assembly and thereafter kishores of Gondal performed a drama, "Which is greater: Study or Character?" Finally, Swamishri blessed the assembly stressing that value-based education is important and necessary to solve our present day problems.


13 November 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso vad 14) Tuesday, Gondal. Children's Day
Prior to his morning puja, Swamishri performed Hanuman Puja on Kali Chaudash day.
As part of Children's Day program the balaks sung bhajans in Swamishri's puja. In the evening assembly, the balaks performed an effective dance and a drama on the story of the child who offered a pumpkin to Shriji Maharaj by overruling all temptations of his mind.


14 November 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso vad 30) Wednesday, Gondal. Diwali
In the evening, Swamishri sanctified the account books during the Chopada pujan rituals and blessed the assembly.
(Detailed news report)


15 November 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso vad 30) Thursday, Gondal. Annakut
While Swamishri was performing his morning puja, Balmukund Swami performed the mahapuja. In conclusion Swamishri performed the arti of Harikrishna Maharaj and blessed the devotees.
Swamishri then visited the kitchen and areas where the food items for Annakut festival were being prepared and arranged.
Swamishri blessed the festival assembly and at 11.30 am sang thal before Thakorji. The Annakut was profusely arranged before Thakorji. Finally, Swamishri performed arti of Thakorji. More than 25,000 devotees came for Annakut darshan.



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