Vicharan Reports

18 October 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso Sud 2) Thursday, Porbandar, Kutiyana, Porbandar
o At 10:20 am, Swamishri arrived in the village of Kutiyana. Swamishri performed the murti-pratishtha ceremony at the newly built Swaminarayan mandir.
o At 6:15 pm, Swamishri visited the late Nanji Kalidas Mehta's educational complex - Shanti Kutir - in Porbandar and prayed for peace and the successful continuity of the trust's philanthropic activities.


19 October 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso Sud 3) Friday, Porbandar, Loj, Mangrol, Chorvad.
o After Swamishri's morning puja, Harikrishna Maharaj was honored by devotees.
o Swamishri performed the murti-pratishtha ceremony at the newly built Swaminarayan mandir. More than 1500 devotees and wellwishers had participated in the opening ceremony and assembly.
o At 5:55 pm, Swamishri arrived at the sacred village of Loj. After doing Thakorji's darshan in the mandir, Swamishri went to the place where Nilkanth Varni had plugged the hole and the sacred stepwell where Varni had first arrived and sat.
o At 6:45 pm, Swamishri arrived in Mangrol and went to the mandir for Thakorji's darshan. Thereafter, he reverentially touched the tamarind tree in the mandir compound where Shriji Maharaj had initiated Magniram, Premanand Swami and Anandanand Swami. Swamishri also paid respects to the relics of Shriji Maharaj, namely, a cot, staircase, etc.

At 7:55 pm, Swamishri arrived in Chorvad.

20 October 2001 (V.S. 2057, Nij Aso Sud 4) Saturday, Chorvad, Veraval
Shri Harikrishna Maharaj was honored by the devotees.


21 October 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso Sud 5) Saturday, Veraval At 10:15 am,

Swamishri performed the murti-pratishtha at the newly built Swaminarayan mandir.


23 October 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso Sud 7) Tuesday, Junagadh
During the evening satsang assembly, Swamishri was honored with a citation presented by the officials of the city municipalty.


24 October 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso Sud 8) Wednesday, Junagadh
o At 10:20 am, Swamishri visited Aksharvadi, the site for the new shikharbaddh mandir, and discussed the plans.
Thereafter, Swamishri visited the old Swaminarayan Mandir consecrated by Shriji Maharaj and where Gunatitanand Swami had served as the mahant for forty years.
o In the evening assembly, children performed a beautiful dance on stage. The members of the Kishore Mandal and Yuvak Mandal performed dramas that depicted the sacrifice of Samat Patel and Rudabhai. Finally, Swamishri blessed the assembly.


25 October 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso Sud 9) Thursday, Junagadh, Vanthali, Junagadh
o At 10:30 am, Swamishri arrived in Vanthali and performed the murti-pratishtha at the newly built Swaminarayan mandir.
o In the afternoon, Swamishri went to the old mandir, in Vanthali, formerly the home of Kalyanbhai.


27 October 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso Sud 11) Saturday, Junagadh. Shilanyas Ceremony
o The BAPS Satsang center in Junagadh was first established in 1965. Therafter, Swamishri consecrated a Hari mandir in 1975. As the following grew, the need for a shikharbaddh mandir arose and a few years ago the Sanstha acquired 52 acres of land.
Today, Swamishri arrived for the shilanyas ceremony or the stone-laying ceremony. According to the ancient Indian architectural science, sculpted stone blocks, each symbolic of different gods of earth, were ritualistically placed. Swamishri, senior sadhus and leading devotees performed the shilanyas rituals. Swamishri also performed pujan of 'nidhi kumbh' for the stone-laying ceremony for mandirs in Jetpur and Kisumu (Kenya).
Swamishri then placed the 'nidhi kumb' in the main pit of the mandir foundation and filled the pit with cement. Then Swamishri touched the main shila (stone) while it was being placed above the pit, then placed Thakorji on it and performed arti.
While Swamishri was performing the rituals in the foundation pit, more than 4,500 sponsors seated beneath a huge canopy were performing pujan of bricks to be placed in the foundation pit.
During the assembly, dignitaries addresed the gathering. Finally Swamishri blessed the assembly, "Through the wish of Shriji Maharaj, Gunatitanand Swami had stayed in Junagadh. Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj had also blessed people with their darshan and satsang.
"Girnar is a land of ascetics. So there is a touring of sadhus here and the celebration of festivals. And today we have had here the stone-laying ritual for a mandir. Congratulations to you all for coming here to avail of the ceremony ..."
More than 12,000 devotees and wellwishers had participated in today's function.
o In the evening, Swamishri blessed a convention of 3,000 members of GEB (Gujarat Electricity Board) Engineers Association.
o Thereafter, Swamishri arrived at the evening satsang assembly at Lions Hill Resort.


28 October 2001 (V.S.2057, Nij Aso Sud 11) Sunday, Junagadh, Jetpur, Gondal
Swamishri was suffering from neck pain and back pain and a stomachache. Doctors thoroughly checked Swamishri and prescribed medicines and rest.
In the evening at 6.15 pm, Swamishri reached Jetpur and performed a foundation stone-laying ceremony fo a Hari mandir. After blessing the assembly, Swamishri departed for Gondal and arrived at Akshar Mandir at about 8.15 pm. After a warm welcome, Swamishri blessed the assembly.



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