Vicharan Report

28 January 1999 : Thursday (Posh sud 11), Badalpur

After a warm welcome in Badalpur the previous day, Swamishri addressed an assembly in the evening. Swamishri stressed the importance of cultivating profound faith in God." ... One should not waver or have doubts in God. Once we become His, then He takes care of us. He will take you to His divine abode. But one requires to be alert and vigilant in one's faithfulness (upasana) towards Him and the moral injunctions (agna) prescribed by Him. And He tests you to see whether your faith is strong or not. The purity of gold is tested only by heating it in a furnace but copper is not put to such a harsh test. Likewise as devotees we face hardships but even in these times we should remain steadfast in our faith and believe that whatever God does is for our own good."
and happiness in the presence of Pramukh Swami Maharaj. After a lot of work and stress all day one finds peace when one sits before Swamishri. Whenever I have sat with him I have always experienced this wonderful feeling."

Swamishri, in his blessings, said, "Today, there is a need to teach spiritual and moral character in the academic curriculum. Because education without character is destructive. And education with character protects the individual. When righteous conduct is taught in schools it brings peace to the students and others. The children should be alert and willing to learn from their teachers, and the teachers should be enthusiastic to teach their students and the parents should take interest in encouraging their children to study. One always needs to be alert and particular in encouraging them in this direction."

After lunch Swamishri reminisced about the hard times during Shastriji Maharaj's period. Swamishri narrated how the Satsang had flourished in Badalpur,"The devotee, Dattram Barot, of Nadiad, sowed and tended the seeds of Satsang here. Shastriji Maharaj had instructed Akshar Swami Jr. to visit this area and inspire people towards morality. And so Akshar Swami travelled extensively in these villages from farm to farm, inspiring people to give up stealing, alcohol and other addictions..."

During dinner time, a book on Shastriji Maharaj's letters was being read out. The following words, "During his travels, Shastriji Maharaj did not pay any attention to night or day," inspired warm memories in Swamishri. He said, "Tired! There was no fatigue in those times. See how much he accomplished in such a short span and that too without any modern means. Shastriji Maharaj travelled, not paying the least attention to his physical body, to enlighten others about the knowledge of Akshar and Purushottam."
Someone added, "Swami, you too have put in a lot of effort." Swamishri, "We have done nothing before the herculean effort of Shastriji Maharaj."

A sadhu asked, "Swamishri once while going from Badalpur to Anand, you had visited thirteen villages."

Swamishri, "But we had a car and all the means. So it could be done but Shastriji Maharaj did not have anything and yet he travelled..."


29 January 1999 : Friday (Posh sud 13), BadalpurAfter the inauguration ceremony of a school, 'Pramukh Swami Sarvoday Vidyalaya' Shri Madhavsinh Solanki, the former Chief Minister of Gujarat, addressed the assembly, saying, "I have met many Gurus but I find peace.


30 January 1999 : Saturday (Posh sud 14), Badalpur

In the morning Swamishri went to do darshan at the Akshar Purushottam Mandir. On entering the mandir Swamishri narrated the divine memories of Shastriji Maharaj, "Swami used to stay here. It is a very holy place..."

While returning back to his residence Swamishri opened his window and told the driver to halt the car, "How are you Nagji?" he asked the poor man.
"I am fine, Bapa," he replied. Swamishri blessed him and he was happy beyond description.
Swamishri's car went ahead. A sadhu asked. "Bapa, how many names do you know!"
"Oh, I know him and stayed with him when I was young. Nagji's father, Ranchhodbhai, had once carried Shastriji Maharaj on his shoulder while crossing a river. The reason was because the boatman did not bring his boat by the bank. So Ranchhodbhai had to enter the water, placed Shastriji Maharaj on his shoulders, and then waded to the bank."

Swamishri reached the village of Khadodhi at 10.05 am for the opening ceremony of "Pramukh Swami Uttar Buniyadi School". After its inauguration, Swamishri went to an assembly. The local government official Shri Shirishbhai Shukla said, "By the blessings of Pramukh Swami Maharaj education in this backward area will undoubtedly increase but character and moral values have increased and will spread further in future. There was a time when Badalpur had homes where alcoholic drinks were brewed and sold. But through the efforts of Pramukh Swami Maharaj and the establishment of Satsang, people have refrained from addictions. Today, so many families are economically happier and live with character. I pray to Pramukh Swami to bless us with values and character in life."

Then Swamishri in his blessings, said, "It is pleasing to see that people have a desire for educating their children and are making efforts in that direction. They wish to educate their children so that they become happier in life and offer their services to society. "Generally we fall back in making efforts. Remember, effort and God's grace are important ingriedents. To progress, the need for faith in God is necessary and essential..."

After his blessings Pramukh Swami Maharaj went to the local Akshar Purushottam Mandir and had lunch at a devotee's house. During this time Swamishri was visibly shivering. On enquiring, the attendant sadhus found that Swamishri had a fever. Swamishri was given immediate medication.

All night long the fever and cold persisted.


31 January 1999 : Sunday (Posh sud 14), Badalpur

Swamishri's fever persisted all day long. He had very little for breakfast and lunch and took rest for the entire day. 

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