Vicharan Report

1 February 1999 : Monday (Maha vad 1), Badalpur

Today was the inauguration anniversary of the Akshar Purushottam Mandir and the Suvarna Tula (gold-weighing ceremony) of Harikrishna Maharaj.

Swamishri was still visibly ill and weak from fever. Yet he looked a little better than the previous day. While doing his morning puja, Swamishri informed that he wished to perform the arti at the end of rituals going on for the mandir inauguration anniversary.

After breakfast Swamishri went to the mandir and performed the arti of the anniversary occasion and then retired for rest.
At 11.15 am Swamishri inaugurated the 'Pramukh Swami Computer Center' set up in the mandir premise for school and college students. The center, the first in that area, will provide an opportunity for students to learn and operate computers.

At 11.25 am Swamishri was welcomed in the Satsang assembly in the mandir premises where the devotees had gathered to honour the murti of Harikrishna Maharaj with gold. The ordinary devotees of Badalpur had requested Swamishri to permit them to celebrate and offer their devotion to Harikrishna Maharaj by weighing the murti in gold. Eventually their love prevailed and Swamishri agreed.

The stories of their sacrifice is amazing. Though the majority are subsistence farmers, many government servants, yet they rose to the occasion and donated. There are stories of farmers who sold their piece of their land, bought gold and donated for the occasion. Some even mortgaged their land to raise money for contribution. For those who eked out a living from their monthly wages, borrowed from relatives or sacrificed their personal jewelry and donated for the occasion.

The atmosphere, though of simple, ordinary devotees, was charged with the lustre of devotion and joy. Nearly 3,500-4,000 people were present in the assembly. After the preliminary discourses Swamishri worshipped Harikrishna Maharaj by applying a chandlo of Kumkum and rice grains amidst a chanting of Vedic mantras. Swamishri also applied chandlo to the weighing balance and then sat on his seat. One by one the devotees began offering their donation on one pan, then offered flowers before the murti of the Lord, bowed before Swamishri and took their seat. In twenty minutes the pan with Harikrishna Maharaj rose amidst a chorus of victory calls and joy.

In spite of the fever, Swamishri blessed the assembly: Today, we have seen your extraordinary devotion. The reason is because of the progress of Satsang in this very difficult region of Badalpur and its neighbouring villages. This progress is entirely due to the efforts and blessings of Shastriji Maharaj. Haribhai said that whenever Shastriji Maharaj came to Badalpur he would take him to sanctify his house and offer a half or one rupee in donation. He would also ask Shastriji Maharaj to place his hands and sanctify his bed, giant urns for storing grains, buffaloes, cows to change his fate. And so after all these years, by the grace of Shastriji Maharaj, Satsang has flourished and people have become a lot more happier. They have given up their addictions and vices. The standard and magnitude of education has also increased in this area.

There was a time when people could only offer a half rupee and today we see the celebration of a gold weighing ceremony of Harikrishna Maharaj. Any such offering to God never goes in vain. God is weighed by the loving devotion of his devotees. You have all given and sacrificed today with profound love for God. And your feelings of glory and greatness for God have enabled you to offer such abundant devotion.

At 6.00 pm Swamishri left for Vidyanagar.

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