Vicharan Report

24 January 1999 : Sunday (Posh sud 7), Bochasan

A meeting of 100 account keepers of the Hari mandirs in the Kheda district was held in the morning. Swamishri entered the meeting at 10.30 a.m. Bhagvatcharan Swami was addressing the meeting after which an announcement was made that Swamishri would now
bless the occasion.

With humor Swamishri replied, "After the Collector's speech, with respect to protocol, no one can address the assembly." Bhagvatcharan Swami pointed to Swamishri and said, "But the President can!"

Swamishri replied, "If one is the President only then can one speak. We are merely a servant." Even though Swamishri is the President of the Sanstha yet he believes himself as a servant and offers his services.

25 January 1999 : Monday (Posh sud 8), Bochasan

During Swamishri's lunch time, a sadhu described how a youth had rejected a job offer as a teacher because the interviewer had asked him to stop doing the tilak-chandlo. The youth had appealed to the interviewer to pay him Rs.200 less in wages but allow him to do the tilak-chandlo. However the interviewer refused and the youth did not compromise in his niyam.
With reference to this the sadhu asked Swamishri, "Swami, did the youth take the right decision or should he have taken the job and agreed not to do the tilak chandlo for a while? And start doing it later on?"

Swamishri replied clearly, "In fact he has demonstrated his allegiance and pride for the Sanstha. God will help him in some other way. If one compromises in such a niyam then later he will also compromise his pledges in not eating meat and drinking alcohol. So he has done the right thing."

27 January 1999 : Wednesday (Posh sud 11), Bochasan

Today, the Supreme Court had scheduled a hearing for the Narmada dam project. Swamishri offered prayers before Harikrishna Maharaj for a successful judgement in favor of the Narmada building project." Let us chant the dhun, so that the judgement is passed in favor of the building project," Swamishri told all the sadhus and devotees before Thakorji. Even after his morning puja, Swamishri chanted the dhun for a favorable judgement.

In the morning Swamishri travelled to the village of Zarola and performed the murti-pratishtha ceremony. In his blessings Swamishri explained, "When dinner has been prepared after a lot of effort and if one does not have it then all the labor put into it becomes useless. Similarly the mandir has been built and if one does not avail of it then all the effort put into it would be fruitless. So one should attend and do Satsang regularly. God is his who worships Him. His doors are always open. Only when one cultivates a desire for moksha and faith in Him does one realise Him..."

Swamishri travelled to Badalpur. 

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