Vicharan Report

25 February 1999 : Thursday (Falgun Sud 10), Himmatnagar

In the evening assembly Swamishri said, "..There is no reason to believe that money alone brings happiness. One who is rich has many dangers to face. They get kidnapped, while no one kidnaps a poor man sleeping on the street. The point is that even the rich are unhappy and that is why Tulsidas says happiness lies in God and His holy sadhu..."
27 February 1999 : Saturday (Falgun Sud 12), Himmatnagar

After breakfast Swamishri called a volunteer and gave him a sweet food item and said, "Come here, you are doing a lot of seva." A sadhu then added, "He is a very disciplined volunteer." Swamishri replied, "There should be such ideal volunteers everywhere..."

During Swamishri's stay this volunteer had been offering his services in the kitchen department and he had not neglected or abandoned his duty, even for once, for the darshan of Swamishri. When Swamishri heard of this he asked the volunteer to be called before him.
In the evening assembly, Swamishri focused on the importance of observing moral injunctions, "...Bhagwan Swaminarayan has gifted us with the Shikshapatri. The moral injunctions in it are simple and if one were to observe them one would not face problems in one's family , national or social life. Anyone who disobeys traffic laws will get into trouble and be punished for it. If one experiences trouble by not abiding by man-made laws, then on breaking God's laws one suffers from the cycle of birth and death. Perform your duties in conjunction with God's laws. Your honest efforts will bring you happiness..."

28 February 1999 : Sunday (Falgun Sud 13), Himmatnagar

This morning the devotees of the Sabarkantha district had organized a special celebration to honor the murti of Harikrishna Maharaj. The morning assembly also saw the conclusion of the 7-day discourses on the Shrimad Bhagwat and the Shikshapatri. In his blessings Swamishri appreciated the spirit of service and devotion of the devotees, "...In this world everything belongs to God. Precious metals like gold, silver and other things belong to God. Even pearls belong to God. It is He who has placed everything on earth and because of the intelligence he has endowed us with we are able to extract it from the earth. So we are offering Him what He has given us. "Many times we get arrogant and say 'I did this!' but God does not like arrogance.
God dissolved the arrogance of Ravan and Hiranyakashipu. So we should always become a servant of God and believe God to be the all-doer. No one can create what God has created.

Man has not been able to create a man like himself. Yes he has created moving statues. Millions were spent in creating the statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Disneyland. It speaks for only a few minutes. So, no one can create what God creates. When we eat grains and vegetables, our body transforms them into blood, a cow eats grass and produces milk

- so what God has created no one can create! God has given us life therefore we should worship Him... Since man has been blessed with intelligence and power, he should utilize them in the service of humanity and devotion to God so that he can be graced with salvation..."

In this morning's concluding 7-day program, 6000 people attended and participated in the celebration.
At 4.45 p.m. Swamishri left Himmatnagar and arrived in Sarangpur at 8.15 p.m. 

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