Vicharan Report

22 February 1999 : Monday (Falgun Sud 7), Himmatnagar, Khedbrahma

Commencement of a 7-day morning discourse on the Shrimad Bhagwat by Pujya Bhagwadjivan Swami.
After the narration on the Shrimad Bhagwat, Swamishri addressed the assembly, " By listening to the glory of God with interest, love and reverence we reap its benefits. But while listening, if our mind is engrossed in worldly thoughts then we do not gain anything... One should offer devotion with enthusiasm. One should not give it up at the slightest hindrance or obstacle..."
Commencement of a 7-day evening discourse on the Shikshapatri by Pujya Viveksagar Swami.
In the evening, Swamishri departed from Himmatnagar and reached Khedbrahma at 7:05 p.m.
Swamishri was welcomed by the tribal people of the region.

23 February 1999 : Tuesday (Falgun Sud 8), Khedbrahma

Audio: Swamishri's discourse at tribal assembly
A mammoth tribal assembly was organized in the morning. The assembly commenced with a traditional welcome song by a group of tribal people and speeches by various government officials.
Swamishri addressed the assembly of 8,000 tribals who had traveled from 90 neighboring villages, " Shabri was a tribal and she faithfully waited for the darshan of Lord Ram . Eventually Lord Ram came and accepted berries from her hand. The Lord was pleased by her pure devotion and love for him. Lord Krishna did not attend Duryodhan's feast but accepted a meager dish of spinach leaves from Vidurji. God never goes to those who are arrogant. Lord Swaminarayan accepted millet bread and spinach offered by an ordinary, tribal devotee in Jetalpur. He also visited the humble, poor home of Sagram Vaghri..." Swamishri then inspired the tribal congregation not to get superstitious, to abstain from all addictions and killing of animals and promote an interest for education in their children.
Swamishri distributed clothes to some of the poor tribals and announced that a special program for distribution in all the villages would be carried out in the next few weeks.
475 tribal natives gave up addictions during this mammoth assembly.
The BAPS announced that a mobile medical dispensary van will from then on travel for the service of tribals in the region. Swamishri sanctified the van and declared it for the service of the poor tribals.
Swamishri returned to Himmatnagar at 6:55 p.m. 

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