Vicharan Report

11 March 1999 : Thursday (Falgun vad 9) , Sarangpur-Tajpur-Sarangpur

At 10-05 a.m. Swamishri arrived at Tajpur village to perform the ground-breaking
ceremony for a new mandir. While going to the site Swamishri offered his respect to
Yagneshwar Mahadev.
In the assembly Swamishri talked about the glory of Tajpur, "The association with this village started when the mandir in Sarangpur was being built. Shastriji Maharaj used to come here
a lot. And the devotees of this village had offered their tremendous services in the construction
of the mandir in Sarangpur. And Shastri Maharaj had a special bond with this village. The devotees, though of ordinary means, participated in festivals held at the mandir in Sarangpur.

"Shastriji Maharaj used to travel to these small villages. The homes were small with little arrangements. But before the love and affection of the devotees there was no need for facilities.
It was because of the love of Shabri that Lord Ram accepted berries from her...

"This village was also blessed by Yogiji Maharaj. Swami also used to come here often... The village has developed a lot since then. There was a small mandir here and now a bigger mandir will be built. Since the devotees are enthusiastic the new mandir will take shape within no time."
Swamishri performed the ground-breaking ceremony at the auspicious time of 12.05 p.m. 1000 devotees and well-wishers had attended the occasion.
After lunch Swamishri returned to Sarangpur at 1.40 p.m.
After his evening dinner Swamishri met a devotee called Bhayabhai. Bhayabhai humbly expressed his wish to Swamishri, "Bapa, I want to please you." Swamishri replied, "Do bhajan and inspire Satsang in others." 

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