Vicharan Report

2 February 1999 : Tuesday (Maha vad 2), Vidyanagar

Swamishri's fever and cough had persisted all night long. In the morning, after completing his puja, Swamishri wished to go for Thakorji's darshan. The doctor and Swamishri's attendant sadhus explained that it was cold outside and with the fever and cold it would be better if he did not go. But Swamishri insisted and went for darshan.

After breakfast Swamishri retired for rest.

In the evening, while having dinner Swamishri was extremely pleased on hearing the report of the recent Kishore Shibir in London.


3 February 1999 : Wednesday (Maha vad 3), Vidyanagar

A dialogue on the topic of divine and human sports of God and His Sadhu followed after Swamishri's breakfast. Dr. Kiran referring to Swamishri questioned, "Why is it that the holy Sadhu talks about redeeming the disease of life and birth and he cannot even cure himself of his fever?"

Swamishri, "That is why it is said that both his human and divine actions are divine. God shows both traits in his actions."

Bhagvatcharan Swami, Has He said this to explain and fit it into the minds of people?

Swamishri, "No. It is a fact. God behaves and acts the way it satisfies and benefits people..."

A sadhu, "I have seen that there is an exact similarity between Shriji Maharaj's and your way of working and living."

Swamishri, "How can His and my way be the same! What a difference there is between His ways and mine. Maharaj is Maharaj!"

The conversation then changed from one topic to another. Someone suggested, "There are too many mosquitoes here and they are very irritating. The doctors should invent a bomb that would kill all the mosquitoes."

Swamishri, "The truth is that in God's creation everything has its own place and importance. You cannot say they are useless."


4 February 1999 : Thursday (Maha vad 4), Vidyanagar

Swamishri was recuperating from his illness. He was advised to take maximum rest, yet he spent time reading and answering letters from devotees. Sometimes, a conversation would follow and Swamishri would talk on the subject.

Someone praised the patient nature of a sadhu who looks after the administration of a mandir. Swamishri added,"One who administrates has to be calm and very patient. He also has to be tolerant and friendly with everyone. Even when meeting or talking to someone, he has to be polite and proper."


5 February 1999 : Friday (Maha vad 5), Vidyanagar

Because of illness, Swamishri was feeling physically weak. All day long he spent resting, reading letters and in important meetings.


6 February 1999 : Saturday (Maha vad 6), Vidyanagar

It was the annual festival day for the students of our hostel. They sang bhajans with the accompaniment of music instruments in Swamishri's puja.

In the evening, Swamishri attended the 'Annual day' program presented by the students. They performed an impressive peacock dance, and a drama illustrating today's deteriorating family picture.

In his blessings, Swamishri elaborated upon the subject of family conflicts. "We saw that because of family conflict so many problems and downfalls were created. The reason for this in life today is the ignorance of 'I'ness and 'Mine'ness. We see that everyone wants things done the way he wants it to be done. Children have extravagant desires and ambitions and so a conflict arises. If this ignorance is removed then only will one's work be accomplished. And that is why the need for values and character along with education has been arranged here.

"From the beginning our traditional educational system of Gurukuls have taught both worldly knowledge and spiritual knowledge. We require both types of knowledge in life: Even for the progress and development of our society and country, we need both types of knowledge. If the spiritual knowledge is taught in our educational system then the arrogance and egotism within would dissolve and one would develop love and friendship for all. There would be love and respect for all. Yogiji Maharaj had such noble feelings.

"Within everyone there is good and evil and there is a continual inner conflict between the two. To suppress evil one needs to associate with good elements. One gets such good inspiration from the lives of great people. But if we keep bad company then the evil within surfaces and creates conflict. When you see T.V. you cannot exercise discrimination. Instead of seeing the good, one tends to see more of that which is bad. Because of the inner desires for worldly pleasures and evil, one reacts and misbehaves when one comes into the contact of bad influences (kusang).

"The youths have performed a very good drama. We should learn to see how much more Satsang we can do, how much more good thoughts we can have the and good work we can do. Let us speak the good and live in good company so that we can benefit and be happy..."


7 February 1999 : sunday (Maha vad 7), Vidyanagar

This morning Swamishri attended an assembly of past student residents of the Chhatralaya (hostel). In his blessings Swamishri emphasised the importance of retaining Satsang values.

"It is a great pleasure to meet the past student residents of the Chhatralaya. Old is gold. People preserve that which is old; old houses, and antic things.

"It was the wish of Yogiji Maharaj that students should always get first class in their academic pursuits. And your character, whether you go to any part of India or abroad, should remain unblemished. Gold is gold. Does it ever rust? Similarly, since you have all stayed in this Chhatralaya and imbibed character and values in your life you should always primarily remember Satsang wherever you go. You should always have your personal puja and Satsang literature. Our ex-student residents of the Chhatralaya who are abroad are active in the Satsang activities. What we have attained and absorbed here we should always treasure and cherish. It's fine if we cannot increase the wealth our parents have left for us but we should at least look after it and see that we don't lose it. Our spiritual values, Satsang and moral codes are our personal wealth. We should not only be steadfast in Satsang but also inspire Satsang in others. Yogiji Maharaj used to say ,'Go and ring the bell of success!' What does this mean? It means that wherever you go you should maintain Satsang and inspire it in others.

"Today, everyone wants good people. Even at work and in business everyone wants good people. Yogiji Maharaj has graced us with such a good place here. This is a factory that produces good people - good doctors and engineers go into society from here. This is a great service to society."

Swamishri then personally blessed all the students.

This evening Swamishri attended a medico-spiritual conference organized by the Sansthas Medical Wing. More than 500 doctors were present for the conference. In his address Swamishri said, "Just as one has to abide by the dharma (duties) of the body, similarly there is a dharma for atma. And by fulfilling them one achieves a balance.

"... You learn of how the body functions through study. You also operate to make things proper inside so that a person can function properly. Likewise one should also learn to understand the importance of Atma through which one can experience inner happiness and peace..."

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